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Fall is a time of rich harvests and numerous blessings. We have much to be thankful for, including the opportunities to gather together to explore, share, and learn.

A Note of Thanksgiving:

We have a VERY special guest on Fri., Oct. 25:

Welcome to Akasha's Den

See our Oct. Events & Services calendars for all that's available.

Please join us from 7pm - 9:30pm as David Young opens a sacred portal between Heaven and Earth with his world-renowned healing music and mystical meditations. Book early so you don't miss out!

The Den will be closed on Thanksgiving Mon., Oct. 14. We wish each of you a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends...and we are ALWAYS thankful to have you in our Den family.

A gathering place for like-hearted people that inspires tranquility, healing, and harmony for mind, body, and spirit

Experiences at the Den


Welcome to the services offered by Akasha’s Den, a combination of private healing sessions and readings. Each is confidential between you and the facilitator. Unless stated otherwise, all are offered in the comfort of the Den’s Healing Room.

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Circles & Meditations

Our healing circles and meditations offer like-hearted individuals opportunities to experience ancient and modern practices and wisdom that help us come back into alignment with our natural states of ease and grace. They are evenings of insight, inspiration, and intention.

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By their very nature, children are born with a sense of freedom and a keen desire to explore. They come without judgement or pre-conceived notions of should or must.  Intuition is often strong, as is their connection to nature.

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For those interested in learning new skills or taking existing abilities to the next level, Akasha’s Den offers a vast array of workshops. All are experience-based, and some also include certification as a practitioner.

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Special Events

Throughout the year, Akasha’s Den  hosts special events, including channelling, sound ceremony, live Kirtan and more.  Each is designed to take us into a deeper relationship with ourselves, community, and Spirit.

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Insights from the Den

What Our Customers Say

“Your selection of merchandise is incredible!  Every time I visit, there’s more to see.”
“Akasha’s Den has been a gift to me in starting my spiritual path. I wasn’t sure where to even start, so the staff helped me uncover where I felt drawn to begin. No pressure or judgment, just some really wonderful suggestions.”
“Love that your class sizes are so small and intimate. I felt like each of us received individual attention from the course facilitator. Can hardly wait to take more classes at the Den!”
“It is such a treat to spend time in your store with no sales pressure. I often buy gifts for friends at Akasha’s Den, but don’t always know what I’m going to purchase when arriving.  Having the time to simply browse is very welcome…and I know your staff are always there to help when I have questions. Thank you for such a unique shopping experience.”
“I don’t know how you do it, but I always feel more grounded and relaxed when I spend time in Akasha’s Den. You’ve created a beautiful, welcoming space.”
“Thank you for offering programs for children.”
“I’ve never seen such a selection of oracle cards.  Amazing!”
“I’m fascinated by how many sound instruments you offer at the Den. You’ve opened me up to a whole new facet in my meditation practice.”
“Really appreciate you calling me when you had a last-minute cancellation for the Sound Ceremony.  It was such an uplifting event. With gratitude.”
“As a book lover, I could spend countless hours in your library. Such a great selection of titles.”