Universal Laws and Co-Creation

We can all co-create the life we want, deliberately and in partnership with Source, once we recognize that everything is energy and we embrace the universal laws. These laws have been described somewhat differently by many, but the essence is similar. Christy Whitman, for example, explains that earthly laws, such as gravity, are helpful in navigating our human existence on this planet. Universal laws, however, engage us in the infinite realm of possibility and potential from which everything comes. It is the realm of imagination and creativity.  It is the realm in which we co-create with Spirit who hears our desires and only asks that we relinquish our attachment to the form these desires take when made manifest. Consider if these resonate with you. The seven universal laws include The Law of:

1.  Attraction:
We choose the energy we emit by our thoughts, beliefs, words, actions, etc. Everything we emit will be mirrored back to us with equal vibration.

2.  Deliberate Creation:
Because we’re the ones emitting the energy signals, we get to choose which signals we emit. Therefore, let’s choose the thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions that will bring us the results we want.

3.  Allowing:
When we allow, we are open to receive. We are not resistant; we are expectant. When we constrict, we aren’t allowing. Allow.

4.  Sufficiency and Abundance:
Hold the vibration that declares that what we have now is sufficient. Could we have more? Sure. Do we want more? Likely. But what I have right now is sufficient and my needs are met. Although we always have choice. We can choose to broadcast that there’s never enough…but one cannot get to abundance from lack.

5.  Polarity:
Everything in our physical universe has a polar opposite: hot/cold; up/down; in/out, etc. (We could talk about each of these poles simply being a different degree of the other. My grade 8 science teacher said, ‘There is no such thing as cold; there is only the absence of heat. Ahh, but I digress.) When we’re mindful of the pole we’re on, we’re aware of the energy we’re emitting. If what I say I want isn’t what I’m receiving, I need to check that I’m on the end of the pole I’m intending. I can say I want more money, but if the pole I’m on is signaling my fear of lack and limitation, that’s the energy I’m emitting.

6.  Pure Potentiality:
Everything comes from the infinite. It’s the giver who has no limitations and is, essentially, the only one who can give. Everything is possible from this field, and when receive–truly receive–the thought, idea, or desire given to you, you’ve already started manifesting. In fact, you cannot stop yourself from manifesting it.

7.  Detachment:
We can be attached to the essence of an idea, goal, or desire (like wanting a fulfilling job or a loving relationship), but we must detach from the form in which it will come to us. This doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Rather, it means that we don’t yet know how or when this will come…but Spirit does and it is always in our highest interests.

Gives you a whole new perspective on being a law-abiding citizen, doesn’t it?



Nothing changes until I do.



I cannot control you or change you.

I am not responsible for what you think of me…although I am responsible for the manner in which I present myself to the world. In fact, it’s none of my business what you think of me.

When what the world mirrors back to me isn’t what I want or expect, I must ask myself, “What is my role in this?”

Nothing changes until I do.

And when I change, miraculously, so does the world around me…or maybe it’s just my perception of the world around me. Regardless, when I change, so does everything else.

The Serenity Prayer asks that I may be granted the wisdom to know the difference between the things I can and cannot change. I can change my clothes;  my address; my mind…but I cannot change you, nor how you think of me. I cannot change that people in my life will undergo hardship and die and a multitude of other things. I can, however, change how I accept and respond to those things.

Change is an inside job. I can change parts of me that do not serve my highest interests.

And ultimately, nothing changes until I do. Are there things in me that do not serve? Do I want to change those things?

Nothing changes until I do.