April 16, 2021

Although the Den is temporarily closed to the public, we are still here for you.  During this time, we have reduced our hours and are available Tuesday to Friday (11am-5pm), closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Curbside service, free local delivery, and FaceTime shopping is available for retail purchasing.

To make purchases, please call or email the Den and we are happy to assist you with your shopping experience through curbside service. FaceTime shopping is also an option.

All exchanges and/or returns will be accepted when we are open to the public again.

During lockdown period…

All classes are either canceled, rescheduled to the next class, or rescheduled to a new date.  We are contacting all participants with the changes.  All energy healing appointments and readings are being offered as distance sessions by phone, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.  With energy healing and readings, there is no geography and your experience will be as if in-person. There will be no Rolf Massage or Reflexology during lockdown.

We are now being asked, more than ever, to maintain on course in present moment awareness; to observe, not absorb; to BE Love and Light; to BE the pure consciousness that each of us truly is.  In our present moment awareness we have choice in our attitudes, our behaviours, our thoughts, our emotions, our words, our actions.  As we be in that awareness, we realize how much of yesterday that didn’t work for us we are bringing into our today. And in that moment of realization, we recognize we have choice right here, right now, to make the change by choosing to BE the change. Energy flows where our attention goes, and it’s in the present moment where opportunity for change exists, where there is no past and no future, only NOW. Focus on NOW.  Where we place our focus is where energy flows, even in something as simple as the words we choose to express.  Let’s choose to express wise words of love, kindness, comfort, compassion, joy.  Choose to focus on solutions and not on problems.  When we focus on a problem we are only empowering it, not resolving it.  We are in a whole new paradigm and in navigating our way, there is discomfort. We are learning to be comfortable with that discomfort until we find comfort again. The more we BE the change, the more comfort there is as we BEcome the change from within, to without. It is in our BEing and the choices we make in our attitude every moment of every day that has the power to impact another person, creating the global ripple effect for positive change.

Our current environment isn’t anything brand new in our world, as it is a cycle of life.   What’s new is in how we choose to respond.  Let’s choose to respond together by BEing the change we wish our new world to BE, one of unity, oneness, wholeness, peace, harmony, joy, compassion, support, cooperation and respect for one another; a new world filled with Love and Light, united in the pureness of Universal Consciousness.

This too shall pass.  It always does, only this time we are are awake and aware as together we lovingly create our new world. ❤️Choose LOVE.❤️

Love, light and heart blessings,

Mary and Alexandre