July 18, 2021

We’re open on regular business hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm

We’re pleased to announce that all Classes and Services are running, and our store-front continues to be open.

Current provincial guidelines include:

  • Please dress for the weather in the event of a waiting line outdoors, especially on weekends.  If it’s raining, you can wait in your car, and we’ll happily advise you when it’s your turn.
  • Masks continue to be mandatory. We honour and respect those exempt from wearing a mask, and ask that you please call us to arrange for curbside shopping. Alternatively, we’re happy to make an appointment for you to shop before we open or after we close. We thank you and are grateful for your understanding in helping us maintain an environment that feels safe for those wearing a mask.
  • All group Classes and private Sessions are running, following required protocols. (Masks, plus all six feet social distancing and sanitizing protocols remain in effect. You must also pass our COVID questions before attending.)
  • Distance energy healing sessions and readings (offered over Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or phone) continue to be available.

Akasha’s Den is committed to maintaining a safe, clean, and happy environment for all to enjoy.  Part of our sanitizing efforts includes daily fogging with Hypochlorous Acid solution which is organic, non-toxic, and safe for everyone. It’s clinically proven to kill 99.9% of surface viruses and bacteria while cleaning and deodorizing the air.  It’s safe and effective on all surfaces.  All practitioners are equipped with the same fogging solution to sanitize their rooms between each appointment.

Akasha's Den in January 2021

Positive change is here. As we reside in the present moment, we find grace and ease through awareness of our inner Self where there is stillness, peace, harmony, and joy.  This is our natural state of Being.  It is our current outer world that stirs emotions driven by fear.  As we embrace our inner world of stillness, it becomes our outer world, and there is no need to process thoughts, interpretations, opinions and understandings. Being present has no past and no future.  There is only now.  This is how we navigate into the new paradigm, awakened to the understanding of who we truly are and that we have the ability to consciously unite in the creation of our new world. As we remain present in the now, we have the opportunity to plant new seeds through our attitudes, behaviours, and responses. That includes being kind to each other, even if we don’t always agree with each other’s choices. Let’s be the solution, not the problem. In present moment awareness there is only perfection, even in our own imperfections.

We are in the new paradigm, even if it doesn’t yet look or feel like it. As we unite in universal oneness, we become the solution.  We are awake and aware in unity, oneness, and wholeness. Together, let’s remember to BE the change we wish our world to BE.

❤️Choose LOVE, as LOVE is all there is.❤️

Love, light, and heart blessings,
Mary and Alexandre