DECEMBER 26, 2020

Special Message from the Den…

As we move into lockdown, commencing on December 26 and expected to end by February 19, the Den Family has decided to take this opportunity for much needed rest. The Den will be closed December 25 to January 4.

During this time of rejuvenation, we will announce our plan for the lockdown period.

Curbside service and free local delivery for retail purchases will be available starting on Tuesday, January 5.  Stay tuned as we communicate the process and schedule for these services.

Returns and/or exchanges will be accepted once we are open to the public again.

All January-to-mid-February classes will be rescheduled.  All January-to-mid-February services will be either rescheduled or changed to distance healings or readings.  We will contact everyone registered for these classes or  who has an appointment for these services.  In the meantime, we ask that you please be patient, wait for us to contact you, and refrain from contacting us to reschedule or cancel.

Akasha's Den in January 2021It has been a year of complete unknowns as we all worked together, learning to navigate our way.  For the Den Family, it has been nothing but profound gratitude, not only for the blessings and opportunities change provides, but more importantly, for all the support from YOU, our extended Den Family.  We would not have come this far without your support.  Thank you from our hearts to yours.

As we reflect upon this past year, we must think of the positive and continue to stay focused on solutions, not problems.   We learned, and still are learning, to overcome fear with love, to be comfortable with discomfort that change creates, to be patient, kind and compassionate with each other, to simplify our lives as we realize where we have too much, to be still with Self in our inner world of love and light, to awaken to a new realization of our True Self.  So many of us have invited personal change into our lives, making peace with our personalities and behaviours, staying in the present moment, looking ahead with joy, gratitude and new appreciation.  This is the change we have all been asking for, and this is our opportunity, right now, to simply BE love and light, where there is no room for fear. 2021 will continue to be a time of transition and, together, we will co-create the new world that we wish it to be.

BE LOVE. BE LIGHT. BE PEACE. BE COMPASSION. BE PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, as this is who we truly are. We have awakened. We are awake. We trust, have faith, and know all is well as we are one with each other in unity and in wholeness with the Universe and Consciousness.

Let us welcome change, embrace change, expect nothing, expect everything.  Be in the now, this present moment.  Don’t look back, don’t become our stories.  Observe, don’t absorb.  Have faith in the Divine, because WE are the Divine.  Observe and experience what unfolds in ways we could not even imagine as the Universe supports us through our faith that all is well.

Love, Light and Great Big Heart Hugs,
Mary and Alexandre