JUNE 25, 2020

In-Person Services are Back!

The Den is happily open to the public.  Protocols are in place throughout the Den to maintain a safe, healthy and clean environment whether you are shopping in retail, attending a class, energy healing session or reading.

Akasha's Den has In-person and Distance Sessions.

A UVC surface sterilizer is soon arriving to further enhance our commitment for a safe environment for all our Den Family.

We are continuing to operate at reduced hours until further notice as follows:

Sunday & Monday:                      Closed

Tuesday through Saturday:       11am – 6pm

Curbside pick up and free local delivery are still available for retail purchasing.  Please email your order to info@akashasden.com.  Include the best phone number to reach you, and we will contact you to arrange for curbside pick up or free local delivery. Please do NOT leave your order as a voice message.

Victoria is now back and happily of service in retail and administration, as well as facilitating in-person or distance Reiki Healing Sessions.  Dana is next to return beginning of July.  We will soon be announcing a new product line, services, and workshops that will be facilitated by Dana.

In-person services are back! Distance energy healing sessions and readings via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype are always available.  The experiences and sensations are as if in-person, but from the comfort of your own home. The results speak for themselves and, in the end, we realize geography doesn’t exist in the Universe. Except for hands-on services, our facilitators are proficient in connecting to your vibrational field from a distance.

Energy healing has no boundaries or physical limitations. It can help clear unease and anxiety, in addition to balancing and supporting the mind, body, and spirit.  Self-love is a priority as we continue to navigate through these sensitive times and also reintegrate back into work again, helping us to be calm, peaceful, centered, grounded, and balanced.

An intuitive reading…whether through tarot cards, oracle cards, or the angels…helps with clarity where there is doubt.

Check our schedule below.  Some services and readings are offered on a need be basis, while others are on scheduled dates:

Tarot Readings with Devin Kreuger

Angel Guidance and Illumination Readings with Christine Miokovic

Reconnective Healing SessionsOracle Card Readings, and Birthdate Signature Face Readings with Buffy Knowlton

Huna Healing Sessions with Karen Karall

Divine Angelic Heart Healing sessions with Carol Righton (Waitlist only with Carol, and it is possible to get in on last minute cancellations.)

~ Reiki Healing with Victoria Jasinski

All summer classes and events have been rescheduled to the fall with the exception of a few which are full and meet the protocols of maximum numbers for social gatherings, as well as social distancing.

Our communities are slowly springing back to life as we reintegrate with our peers as friends, co-workers, clients and customers.  Protocols must be followed and it is easy to get caught up in fear as our ego leads us to believe we are not safe away from home for hours on end.  Breathe…  Come into centre where your soul sits. Breathe into your heart and out to your heart.  Slow calming breaths. Observe. Feel the gentle breath.  Become that breath.  Chant “So” as you breathe into your heart and “HUM” as you breathe out to your heart.  No need to use your voice, chant from within. “SO Hum” means “I Am That”. Notice the stillness each calming breath brings.  Observe who you truly are and that there is only Love and nothing to fear.  Be happy and grateful to be back at work, in community, in society. Embrace the opportunity for change, to be LOVE every day, all day long. It is easy to slip back into old behaviours, thoughts, and beliefs. It is easy to fall into the many stories, interpretations, and opinions all around us.  Breathe… Observe do not absorb.  BE the change you wish our new world to BE.   BE the Love and Light that You Are.  “I Am That”… “So Hum”I am Love.  Our new world is waking up to Love.

Love, Light and Heart Blessings,

Mary & Alexandre