Are You an Empath?

by Susan Webber

Take the Empath Quiz
Before we get into what an empath is, let’s take a little quiz. Don’t overthink the answers. Just go with what intuitively comes first, either “Yes” or “No.”

  1. Do people often call you “too sensitive?”
  2. Do you often feel anxious about going out to public places or to social events?
  3. Can you easily pick up on how others are feeling, even before they’ve said anything?
  4. Do you often feel drained after being around certain people?
  5. Are you sensitive to loud sounds, certain smells, or light?
  6. Do you need alone time on a regular basis?
  7. Do you feel a strong connection with nature, such as animals, plants, or crystals?
  8. Do you often feel drained or exhausted after being out in public places or events?

If you answered “Yes” to four or more of these questions, more than likely you are an empath.

What Is An Empath?
Empaths pick up on, and absorb, the energy of another person, place, or thing. They have high sensitivity to energies around them. They can feel what another person is feeling. They can feel the pain of a hurt animal. They can sense negative energy in a room or place. And because they absorb the energy, this can leave empaths feeling drained emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Empaths are usually highly intuitive, often with clairvoyant gifts which many of them don’t understand. Because they are so sensitive, it means they need alone time to recharge and time out in nature to ground themselves.

Although some can be extroverted, most empaths are introverts, . They also tend to be very giving in nature, often giving more of themselves than they get in return. This, too, can leave them feeling drained and exhausted. So why are empaths like this? It’s because they have a very large and open energy field.

What is an Energy Field?
An energy field is the frequency, or vibration, given off by any living thing, as well as certain objects like electronic devices. Each of us has our own unique frequency or energy vibration which can’t be seen with the naked eye. Imagine an object or person placed in the middle of an invisible circle. The circle represents the energy field of that object or person and can be very small or very large. For people, the frequency of their energy field can be altered by any number of factors:

  • Emotional/mental state of mind;
  • Physical health;
  • Spiritual well-being;
  • Environment;
  • Certain objects; and/or
  • Other people.

Often times, a combination of these factors plays a part. For example, your environment can change your energy field based on where you are physically, what objects are around you, or who you are with. Objects such as electronic devices that give of EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) can impact your energy field, as can crystals which have their own unique energy fields. If you are feeling happy, have a healthy diet, and are spiritually grounded, your energy field vibrates at a higher speed and your invisible energy circle will likely be large. If you are sick, sad, or are around negative people, your vibration will be slower and your energy field will likely shrink in size. The average baseline energy field (that invisible circle) for most people has a diameter of about 20′. This means they can feel and absorb other energies that pass through an area 10′ outwards from them in every direction. Empaths usually have an energy field at least three times that size.

To explain how sensitive empaths can be, let me share about Ethan, an extreme empath with an energy field of 100′ in diameter, feeling everything around him within a 50′ radius. Ethan goes shopping at his local grocery store. Because he’s empathic, he feels and absorbs everything that comes in contact with, or passes through, his energy field. While he shops, he walks past many people and objects. His energy field interacts with all of them. It’s spring, and he decides to buy some plants for his garden at home. As he walks through the small garden nursery, he absorbs the energy of all the beautiful flowers and planters. After selecting a few, he makes his way inside the grocery store. The first person he passes is angry because the store didn’t have his favourite cereal in stock. Ethan is now feeling and absorbing this person’s anger. He then walks past the café where a TV is relaying the daily news. He absorbs the television’s EMF’s, making him feel sluggish and tired. As he continues shopping, Ethan engages with an employee at the meat counter. The employee just lost a close family member and is feeling immense grief and sadness which Ethan is now also absorbing and feeling. Ethan proceeds to the check-out where a little girl is in front of him. She is happy and excited because her mom bought her a cookie as a treat. Ethan feels and absorbs this spike of joy and happy energy, too. As you can start to see, empaths may go through many emotional, energetic roller coasters in public places. They are so sensitive to energy, it often leaves them feeling drained or very anxious.

How Can Crystals Help Empaths?

Empaths can, however, protect their energy fields. The easiest way is to incorporate specific crystals into daily life, whether carried in pockets or worn as jewellery. I’ve actually designed a jewellery line to support empaths, incorporating five crystals and gemstones which are combined to assist in all areas where empaths may need support:

  • Black Obsidian protects the wearer’s energy field by drawing it in closer;
  • Lapis Lazuli helps protect from psychic attack and harness intuitive gifts;
  • Tiger’s Eye brings courage and strength to brave going into public places;
  • Lepidolite reduces stress and anxiety, and assists during panic attacks; and
  • Green Moss Agate vibrates a nurturing and grounding natural earth energy.

I’m also facilitating two new workshops that help you utilize crystals in their most effective manner: Introduction to Crystals and Living with Crystals. I hope you’ll join me.

Both Susan’s jewellery line and her crystal workshops are offered through Akasha’s Den.