It is Better for Our Spirit to Start the Upward Spin Sooner Than Later

By Christine Miokovic

It’s true that when we start to spiral downward, we can easily continue spiraling. A difficult day at work; someone taking our parking spot; a friend cancelling an outing we looked forward to; a surprise expense spoils our budget… any number of events can affect how we respond to life. Even picking an unwanted angel card can make us close up our energies to the good intentions of the message and behave as if the universe doesn’t care about us. Yet, it is our response to the occurrence that is most telling about how we move forward, not the event itself. We have the ability to consciously choose the energetic vibration we emit in our thoughts, words, behaviours, and emotions and improve what the world reflects back to us.

Easier said than done? Here are some simple ways to quickly and easily elevate your state of being.

Express gratitude for the wonderful things that come onto your path. Be in awe of life. Be excited by it, and you will attract more of what’s wonderful.

Angels can only approach us when we ask them for assistance. Practise asking for your needs to be met, then be aware of the small shifts that occur around you. Even knowing you aren’t alone can help lift your spirits. What if you don’t believe the angels love you? Pretend they do. Act as if you are of the most precious essence to them. In cultivating an attitude that you are lovable, you impact the way positive energy flows to you.

Make time for self-nurturing, a self-loving act. Treating yourself as worthy of love will, in turn, attract more love to you.

Consider the possibility that each occurrence in your life is both relevant to your soul’s growth at this time, as well as a reflection of how you engage in the world. If it is not what you wanted or expected, can you find the lesson, or blessing, inherent in it? For example, if someone cancelled an outing, were you meant to be at home to support someone in need? Did redirection to another parking spot lead you to positively something you were already holding in your thoughts or needed to experience? Could a surprise expense somehow teach you to reflect on the abundance that already surrounds you? Was work difficult because you were focused on others’ energies and not on grounding yourself?Life is what you make of it. Every bump in the road provides an opportunity to learn something more about yourself.  We always have choice, including the choice of how we interpret anything and also how we respond. Each time you respond in a way that is more fully aligned with your true, loving nature, the more your soul continues to evolve. And being in the frequency of love feeds our Spirit and connects us with one another.

Make it a daily practice to check in with your energy level. If it is sluggish or vibrationally low, determine how you may be negatively interpreting something, then consciously choose to approach it differently. Look, too, for lower energies you may have absorbed from others. This can show up as just not feeling like yourself. If this is the case, consider doing any of the following:

  • Take a long bath. You might add pink Himalayan salt. Soaking in water draws our own energies in closer to our bodies, again, and helps release that which isn’t serving us.
  • Call on Archangel Metatron to align your chakras. He has the ability rebalance our energies with his sacred cube.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to release all lower energies that have accumulated in us. Envision Michael placing a huge vacuum over your crown chakra that draws out toxins, unwanted vibes, negative remarks, and proclamations of being undeserving. Next, see your body filling with a cooling blue light, then thank Archangel Michael for clearing and cleansing your body so you are more closely connected to your true self.
  • When you catch yourself feeling affected in any negative way, sweep your hand in front of our body and say, “Cancel, clear, delete.” This action releases the hold of any negative thoughts.

You can stop what you do not want in yourself. Check in with yourself frequently throughout the day to strengthen your awareness. Stop the downward spiral and choose to elevate your energy upward. As you practise this, the more easily you can identify when your energy is out-of-balance. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can choose to turn things around by altering your thoughts, feelings, words, and behaviours. And when you align with the higher, positive vibrations, the more closely you’ll align with the higher frequencies of the universal realm, attracting more love, light, and joy into your life.

Christine is a Spiritual Teacher at the Den and facilitates the Angel Circle of Love Meditation gatherings, as well as the Intimacy With the Angels workshop. She also offers Angel Guidance and Illumination by appointment.

Are You an Empath?

by Susan Webber

Take the Empath Quiz
Before we get into what an empath is, let’s take a little quiz. Don’t overthink the answers. Just go with what intuitively comes first, either “Yes” or “No.”

  1. Do people often call you “too sensitive?”
  2. Do you often feel anxious about going out to public places or to social events?
  3. Can you easily pick up on how others are feeling, even before they’ve said anything?
  4. Do you often feel drained after being around certain people?
  5. Are you sensitive to loud sounds, certain smells, or light?
  6. Do you need alone time on a regular basis?
  7. Do you feel a strong connection with nature, such as animals, plants, or crystals?
  8. Do you often feel drained or exhausted after being out in public places or events?

If you answered “Yes” to four or more of these questions, more than likely you are an empath.

What Is An Empath?
Empaths pick up on, and absorb, the energy of another person, place, or thing. They have high sensitivity to energies around them. They can feel what another person is feeling. They can feel the pain of a hurt animal. They can sense negative energy in a room or place. And because they absorb the energy, this can leave empaths feeling drained emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Empaths are usually highly intuitive, often with clairvoyant gifts which many of them don’t understand. Because they are so sensitive, it means they need alone time to recharge and time out in nature to ground themselves.

Although some can be extroverted, most empaths are introverts, . They also tend to be very giving in nature, often giving more of themselves than they get in return. This, too, can leave them feeling drained and exhausted. So why are empaths like this? It’s because they have a very large and open energy field.

What is an Energy Field?
An energy field is the frequency, or vibration, given off by any living thing, as well as certain objects like electronic devices. Each of us has our own unique frequency or energy vibration which can’t be seen with the naked eye. Imagine an object or person placed in the middle of an invisible circle. The circle represents the energy field of that object or person and can be very small or very large. For people, the frequency of their energy field can be altered by any number of factors:

  • Emotional/mental state of mind;
  • Physical health;
  • Spiritual well-being;
  • Environment;
  • Certain objects; and/or
  • Other people.

Often times, a combination of these factors plays a part. For example, your environment can change your energy field based on where you are physically, what objects are around you, or who you are with. Objects such as electronic devices that give of EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) can impact your energy field, as can crystals which have their own unique energy fields. If you are feeling happy, have a healthy diet, and are spiritually grounded, your energy field vibrates at a higher speed and your invisible energy circle will likely be large. If you are sick, sad, or are around negative people, your vibration will be slower and your energy field will likely shrink in size. The average baseline energy field (that invisible circle) for most people has a diameter of about 20′. This means they can feel and absorb other energies that pass through an area 10′ outwards from them in every direction. Empaths usually have an energy field at least three times that size.

To explain how sensitive empaths can be, let me share about Ethan, an extreme empath with an energy field of 100′ in diameter, feeling everything around him within a 50′ radius. Ethan goes shopping at his local grocery store. Because he’s empathic, he feels and absorbs everything that comes in contact with, or passes through, his energy field. While he shops, he walks past many people and objects. His energy field interacts with all of them. It’s spring, and he decides to buy some plants for his garden at home. As he walks through the small garden nursery, he absorbs the energy of all the beautiful flowers and planters. After selecting a few, he makes his way inside the grocery store. The first person he passes is angry because the store didn’t have his favourite cereal in stock. Ethan is now feeling and absorbing this person’s anger. He then walks past the café where a TV is relaying the daily news. He absorbs the television’s EMF’s, making him feel sluggish and tired. As he continues shopping, Ethan engages with an employee at the meat counter. The employee just lost a close family member and is feeling immense grief and sadness which Ethan is now also absorbing and feeling. Ethan proceeds to the check-out where a little girl is in front of him. She is happy and excited because her mom bought her a cookie as a treat. Ethan feels and absorbs this spike of joy and happy energy, too. As you can start to see, empaths may go through many emotional, energetic roller coasters in public places. They are so sensitive to energy, it often leaves them feeling drained or very anxious.

How Can Crystals Help Empaths?

Empaths can, however, protect their energy fields. The easiest way is to incorporate specific crystals into daily life, whether carried in pockets or worn as jewellery. I’ve actually designed a jewellery line to support empaths, incorporating five crystals and gemstones which are combined to assist in all areas where empaths may need support:

  • Black Obsidian protects the wearer’s energy field by drawing it in closer;
  • Lapis Lazuli helps protect from psychic attack and harness intuitive gifts;
  • Tiger’s Eye brings courage and strength to brave going into public places;
  • Lepidolite reduces stress and anxiety, and assists during panic attacks; and
  • Green Moss Agate vibrates a nurturing and grounding natural earth energy.

I’m also facilitating two new workshops that help you utilize crystals in their most effective manner: Introduction to Crystals and Living with Crystals. I hope you’ll join me.

Both Susan’s jewellery line and her crystal workshops are offered through Akasha’s Den.

The Ascension: It is Happening Now

Ascension. Den facilitator Anthony Barr has created a series of videos that explore this fascinating and timely topic: what it is; things that have led us to this point; its impact on the world; roles people and nature play. This is the first in his series. We invite you to watch and see what resonates with you.

Throughout the coming months, we will post more of Anthony’s videos, but if you’d like to learn more, please visit his website Sacred Sevens.

Life – An Escentual Experience

“Can you smell that?”

“What, Dad? Smell what?”

“Rain’s coming.”

Turning in the direction my father was facing, west, I breathed in deeply and, yes, I could smell a very distinct scent in the air.  This was the scent of rain.

Being raised on a dairy farm in rural Ontario, scents and smells were an essential part of growing up and in many ways, our survival depended on it. My father was my guide and Mother Nature was the workshop.  Your senses become quite heightened living in the country.  Spring and summer were the most scentual!

“Springs coming,” he’d say, and I would breathe in, the sweet warmth of Spring filling my lungs; the wet, earthy scent of newly turned soil being readied for the spring planting of oats.  Sweet clover flowering in the fields told Dad it was time to cut the hay that fed our cows over winter.  I think that was my one of my favourite smells, fresh cut clover.

There was also the very distinctive, more pungent scent of our farm animals.  “She smells off,” Dad would say, and I could smell that something was wrong with one of our cows – she was sick.  Or the unmistakable soft, sweet, almost candy-like smell of a newborn calf.  Or my sisters and I going through the hay mow ‘smelling out’ where there might be a new batch of kittens or puppies.

There were other smells – very distinctive smells that weren’t quite so sweet.  To this day, I can still distinguish the difference between cow, horse, chicken, pig, or sheep s**t, and the most overwhelming of them all, SKUNK!  However, if you can smell skunk, you’re safe…someone or something else may not have been so lucky.

The experience of scent as a child impressed and impacted the natural, human part of my soul, but the sacred was awakened when I first breathed in deeply – (by now breathing a new scent was like opening a present, excited anticipation) –  frankincense.  I had no idea what this smell was, but in that moment, I felt the sacred, a communion with the Divine.  A quietness and calm enveloped me. It was my first Holy Communion – the Christian ceremony when first receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Inez Kelly celebrates her first Holy Communion as a young girl.

There was nothing in my 8-year-old experience that would have informed or given me that mystical, sacred moment.  However, the ancient scent of frankincense, I discovered years later in my aromatherapy research, has been used in sacred ritual for thousands of years.  Was this a ‘scent imprint’ in my DNA?   I don’t know, but I do know that that moment has shaped my spiritual experience of scent ever since.

Fast forward 25+ years to 1992. I found myself exploring aromatherapy massage as a possible new career direction. The childhood scentual and sacred had taken a back seat to school, marriage, family and extensive volunteer work in international development. And then, I found myself a divorced, single mother of two extraordinary sons AND completely disenchanted with the 9-5, keep-bread-on-the-table work experience. I needed guidance.

“Okay, God, I need a sign to let me know if I should leave my job and go in the aromatherapy direction.  And it would be great, God, if you could let me know by 2:00 today”.

I had a job review that afternoon, and I knew I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing.  Well, didn’t I then turn on the radio to the CBC on the way to work and the first thing the announcer said was, “Isn’t is amazing how popular aromatherapy is becoming in North America?”

I burst out laughing and shouted, “God, I’m impressed!  Thank you!”  This was my sign.  I handed in my notice that afternoon. I was now, officially, a self-employed aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy was an up-and-coming anomaly, I was to discover.  The first few years were toting my massage table and essential oils to client’s homes until an opportunity to work in a spa arose.  It was there, in the spa environment, that scent and sacred were reawakened.  Blending essential oils, the gentle touch of massage, and listening to hearts and souls of each client gave rise to a whole new understanding of how scent affects us.

As I continued to unravel the mysteries of the healing qualities of the essential oils, how they impact the limbic brain—our emotion and memory centre—I could feel how the blends where reawakening in me that beautiful childhood dance with the Divine.  And here it was, occurring with my clients. The willingness to share childhood traumas when the soft, calming, heart-opening scent of lavender was used.  The stresses, joys, heartbreaks, the delight of birth and new life, as well as healing when mourning death. Frankincense, peppermint, clary sage, cedar…essential oils and their unwitting, gentle nudge to heal, to open up and unite with the body, soul, the Divine…our selves.

Thousands of one-on-one, deeply intimate conversations during the spa days carved upon my soul the unquestionable impact and power of scent and essential oils.

Then another new directional turn.  A client informed me that a new shop had opened up in town.

“It’s called Akasha’s Den, and they have all sorts of New Age type stuff.”

How exciting!  I checked them out the next day.

I wandered over to their display of essential oils and noticed they were carrying what one might call scented oils.  A beaming, long blonde-haired ‘nature girl’—Mary Wileichuk, the owner—and I got chatting about essential oils and their properties when she announced, “The day you decide to start your own line of essential oils, I’ll carry them here.”  Well, didn’t that hit a nerve AND another career turn.  Seven months later, I launched ‘Nature Makes Scents – Essential Oils, Blends and Custom Blending’ with Akasha’s Den and a new private massage practice after 15 years with the spa industry.

Mary and her extraordinary partner, Alex Terrier, were instrumental in supporting the direction of my work.  A classic example, “Inez, could you create a smudge spray?  Some of our clients have difficulties with the traditional sage smudge.”


Essential oils were already coming to mind, but the clincher was the soft, dreamlike guiding voice that came in the wee hours of the morning whispering, “You’re to call it Pax Protection, and these are the oils to use: cedar, sage, hyssop and myrrh”.  And that was that.  Pax, Latin for peace, was my initiation into blending in communion with the Divine.

Through the years with Akasha’s Den, I’ve discovered that the blends clients gravitate towards have been those rooted in Divine collaboration: Pax Protection, The Archangel Collection, Miracle of the Christmas Rose, Heaven Scent and there’s more to come. (Heaven Scent was fun. I received the completed scent in the early morning, and it was up to me to figure out what was in it!)

What came next?  Sharing the experience of essential oils; the powerful and sublime effect they can have in our lives, and what better way than in a workshop, Essential Oil Blending For the Soul – The Intuitive Way.

In this workshop, we start with the basic understanding of how essential oils work. We explore the many levels on which they work…mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Participants also learn how to cultivate one of their most powerful senses…scent! We examine a brief history of the oils, scent’s multi-faceted effect on us, their healing properties, and the pièce de résistance, the spiritual aspects of the essential oils.

Participant experience fifteen oils, breathing them in as they’re passed around the group. They are guided to feel deep within their intuitive bodies which of the essential oils calls to them.  From here, the fun and the adventure of scent begins.  We create our own blend from our chosen oils. I think of it as you’re choosing the oils AND the oils are choosing you.  This intuitively and divinely-guided blend can be used in meditation and prayer or whenever you feel called to use your sacred blend…before dreamtime at night; as sacred support before an important meeting; or whenever you want to take a moment to connect with soul and the sacred.

Essential oils and all their beautiful, divine properties have been an integral part of my life for over 25 years and shall continue to be.

What’s next in my Escentual Blog? With each posting, we’ll continue to cultivate and re-educate our sense of smell with fun adventures and escapades in the world of scent.  Scents of the city and country will be the first romp in our scentual experience. We’ll also explore individual essential oils and some of their properties…focusing more on their spiritual properties and how to use them in blends for specific intentions: relationships (family, friends partnerships, romance) career, dream-work, personal aspirations, and much more!

I look forward to ushering everyone who wants to play into a whole new world of Life – An Escentual Experience.

Pax, Inez
Nature Makes Scents

Akasha Leads Us Home…Again

Much has been written about 2017 being a year of new beginnings and creations, and it is certainly true for Akasha’s Den. For some time now, Akasha has hinted that greater things are in store for the Den. And so to kick off the year, she led us to our new home on Speers Road in Oakville. This is a very exciting time for us, and we are delighted and grateful to share it with you! Please read on.

NEW Home
May 28th, the Den in downtown Oakville gratefully closes its doors to pack and move to our new home at 430 Speers Road. Saturday, May 27th is our last business day in our Birth Home. We re-open at our new site on Saturday, June 3rd, regular hours.

Please join us RE-OPENING DAY as we welcome:
* Karen Karall for the INTUITIVE DOWSING workshop  (1-4pm)
* Inez Kelly for NATURE MAKES SCENTS DROP-IN  (1-5pm)
* Bart Smit, for an intimate SUPRISE EVENING of profound discussion and wisdom with channeled entity, Dr. Williams (7-9pm, Limited Seating, so register early).

As this is our first business day in our new home, it is a soft opening. Stay tuned as we will soon announce our Grand Opening Celebration.

NEW Space
Our new home offers MORE SPACE for retail, group events, and private sessions. In fact, the Den is more than doubled in size, offering greater room to shop, learn, read, meet, and discuss at your leisure. 

NEW Accessibility
Not only is there loads of onsite FREE parking but our main entrance is now at ground level. That means easier accessibility for everyone.

NEW Merchandise
While we will still carry the highest quality of diverse merchandise for which the Den is renowned, we are also sourcing new items that will address the needs and interests of both our long-standing and first-time visitors. We will have more products than ever before. And in order to make way for the new, we are clearing out some of the old, so many items have been priced to move. Discounts range from 25% – 75% off! Do drop in and pick up that special gift for someone you love…like you!

NEW Events & Services
We are expanding in more ways than one. Not only will we be offering some new services and programs (general interest and certificate-based) in addition to our existing offerings, we can now accommodate your requests for MORE appointment times and MORE events happening simultaneously thanks to multiple healing rooms and event space.

NEW Technology
If you’re here, you’ve already seen our dynamic new website…and there’s more to come. Very soon, we will be offering online registration, appointments, AND product purchasing. That’s right! You’ll be able to sign up and pay for events and services from your computer and mobile devices, as well as shop online!

 NEW Decade
2017 marks Ten Glorious Years of service in Oakville for Akasha’s Den. We look forward to celebrating this huge milestone with all of you, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Is Nothing the Same?
While we are very excited to embrace these new elements in our next decade, we are also keenly aware that change can be difficult. So rest assured that your experience at the Den will remain the same in its essence. We invite you to come in and browse at your leisure; take time to read in our library; ask for guidance or assistance, if you’re so called; explore your spiritual journey in your own time; and as always, be a part of this vibrant community. Welcome Home!

The Verb ‘to be’

English is a strange and complicated language. For every rule we have, there is an exception. We update our dictionaries regularly to reflect common usage, eventually accepting that our language is dynamically evolving.

And what of our verbs? We have first person, second person, third person; singular and plural. Our verbs allows us to declare our presence, our intentions, our perceptions.

God, Goddess, All That Is…whatever name you give that which is more than each of us individually…has also been called the Great I Am. In the Bible for example, Exodus 3:14 reads: And God said to Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shall you say to the children of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.

So what’s with the verb ‘to be’? It follows no standard rules like I be, you be, we bees. No. It is I am, you are, he is, she is, we are.  In a world that reminds us we’re spending too much time doing and would benefit by spending more time being; in recognizing the Divine spark within us all…If I will just rest in being, in the verb ‘to be’, I can recognize, “I am“.