Our Healing Circles and Meditations offer like-hearted individuals opportunities to experience ancient and modern practices and wisdom that help us come back into alignment with our natural states of ease and grace. They are evenings of insight, inspiration, and intention.

Below are Circles and Meditations for the upcoming months, or you can view our entire list from the menu tab.We invite any questions you have and encourage you to review our Registration, Cancellation, Payment & Refund policies before registering. Policies are subject to change without notice and all will be enforced.

If you’d like to pay using an Akasha’s Den gift certificate, please visit us in-store so we can process your transaction. Our gift certificates never expire and may be used towards merchandise, registrations, or appointments.

We look forward to seeing you at the Den.

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Angel Circle of Love Meditation

Meditation With Angels

In the Angel Circle of Love Meditation you will experience the comfort of coming together with like-hearted beings, participate in a relaxing guided meditation, have an opportunity to share your current truths, and receive a personal message from one of your angels.

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Ignite Your Sacred Power ~ Online Zoom Class

Ignite Your Sacred Power - Online Zoom Class with Karen Karall through Akasha's Den

IGNITE your intuitive and inspired nature, the Higher Self aspect of our unseen consciousness that supports and guides us in navigating our way through the challenges we face in the external world with the grace and effectiveness of our Higher Self.

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Monthly Mindfulness Meditation

Compassion Mindfulness Meditation Circle with Halina Ananda at Akasha's Den

Participation in a compassion meditation circle will awaken and deepen your spiritual growth and increase love and compassion for self and others. When you practice opening your hearts to greater love and compassion you experience wonderful benefits as you open yourself to its healing power.

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Reiki Chill Monthly Meditation

2 white Reiki hearts above hands held up to sky

Imagine starting your week lying down in the comforting, sacred space created by Alex and our Light Worker friends, enveloped by Reiki's healing energy, surrounded by beautiful music lovingly selected by Alex for this special gathering.

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The Heart That Heals ~ 4-Week Online Zoom Class

The Heart That Heals 4-Week Online Zoom Class with Akasha's Den and Karen Karall

A healthy, open heart heals our biology, increases immune function, produces happy hormones, and improves magnetic attraction.

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