Akasha’s Den  hosts Special Events throughout the year, such as channelling, sound ceremony, sacred drumming, and live Kirtan.  Each is designed to take us into a deeper relationship with ourselves, community, and Spirit.

Below are Special Events for the upcoming months, or you can view our entire list from the menu tab.We invite any questions you have and encourage you to review our Registration, Cancellation, Payment & Refund policies before registering. Policies are subject to change without notice and all will be enforced.

If you’d like to pay using an Akasha’s Den gift certificate, please visit us in-store so we can process your transaction. Our gift certificates never expire and may be used towards merchandise, registrations, or appointments.

We look forward to seeing you at the Den.

Online Registration and Booking Coming Soon!

An Evening with Dr. Williams

Bart Smit

Dr. Williams is a nonphysical entity of pure consciousness and love. He is not limited by the boundaries of human consciousness, human psyche or the human ego. It is this that makes him a unique, inspiring and powerful guide.

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Book Signing + Reading of Your Personal Year’s Energy in 2024

Life Design Portefolio, co-authored by Buffy Knowlton, front cover

Each of us is in a 9-year cycle of energy. Where you are within that 9-year cycle is based on the first number of your personal Birthdate Signature, and it illuminates actions that are supported in a specific year's energy.

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Sacred Angel Walk

Sacred Angel Walk

A Sacred Angel Walk is a spiritually enriching, serene celebration that connects us to the Divine. It is blessed with grace, respect, healing, and love.

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Sacred Sound Bath

Celebration of Heart Healing at the Spring Equinox

Sound Baths share the sacred song of the Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, Chimes, Drums, and more as transformative meditative sound instruments.

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