An Evening with Dr. Williams

Bart Smit

Dr. Williams is a nonphysical entity of pure consciousness and love. He is not limited by the boundaries of human consciousness, human psyche or the human ego. It is this that makes him a unique, inspiring and powerful guide.

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Angel Circle of Love Meditation

Meditation With Angels

In the Angel Circle of Love Meditation you will experience the comfort of coming together with like-hearted beings, participate in a relaxing guided meditation, have an opportunity to share your current truths, and receive a personal message from one of your angels.

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Automatic Writing

Automatic WritingDeposit Photos

Automatic Writing is a form of channelled wisdom and guidance that comes from a greater field of knowing beyond our conscious minds. Messages are loving, safe, supportive, and insightful.

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Communicating with Angels Certificate Course

Communicating with angels

Angels are divine aspects of the Higher Self. Their messages always come from a place of unconditional love, and serve to enlighten, support, and guide us.

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Divine Angelic Heart Sound Healing Certificate Course – Level I

Divine Angelic Heart Sound Healing Level I Certificate Course

Healing through the sacred song of transformative, meditative sound instruments is a beautiful complement to ALL healing modalities and practices.

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Divine Dowsing

Dowsing Pendulum

Dowsing with a pendulum enables access to greater information and clarity, always available through our intuition, subconscious, or the universal field.

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Huna Initiate Certificate Course

Huna Initiate Certificate Course

The Huna Initiate Certificate Course at Akasha's Den teaches how to access the Universal Mind's infinite power with Huna Power and Huna Switch.

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Huna Mindfulness Meditation Series

Zen stones, background ocean for the perfect meditation

This seven-week group meditation series is designed to help you access your Higher Self using a mindfulness practice that is rooted in ancient Hawaiian shamanism.

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Huna Practitioner Certificate Course

plumeria flower on ancient hand of buddha statue

The Huna Practitioner Certificate Course is for those who have successfully completed the Huna Initiate Certificate Course and are ready to move more deeply into healing and/or work professionally as a Huna Practitioner.

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Intimacy With the Angels

Intimacy with Angels

Angels love you unconditionally and willingly accept the task of helping you. You can call upon your angel helpers at any time, from the little things in everyday life to the more challenging that are just too hard to face alone.

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