Single copper pendulum

In the Intuitive Dowsing-Advanced workshop, we will move more deeply into understanding and working with the resonance and dissonance of the intuitive mind-body relationship.

Dowsing with the pendulum we will connect and communicate with the subconscious and higher mind (spirit guides, angels, ascended masters) to…

  • Open, clear and balance your chakra centers.
  • Harmonize and neutralize lower energies.
  • Energize and magnetize heart felt desires.
  • Better understand first impressions, hunches, gut-feelings and synchronicity.

This will be an empowering and interactive workshop with plenty of opportunities to expand both your dowsing and intuitive abilities.

As a continuation from the Intuitive Dowsing- Introductory workshop, this advanced course is a further introduction to learning Huna Energy Healing and will help prepare you should you be interested in taking the Huna Power, Huna Switch, and Huna Practitioner workshops.

Dates & Times


1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

  • Nov 4, 2017
Fees (subject to HST)


Includes notes and dowsing charts. Pendulums will be available for workshop use, only.

Completion of the Intuitive Dowsing - Introductory workshop or you're already quite proficient dowsing with a pendulum.
What to Bring
  • You are welcome to bring your own pendulum to be attuned in the workshop. You can also purchase one in the Den at a special discount of 10% for class participants.