Consciously Navigate Your Life's Design

Life Design Portefolio, co-authored by Buffy Knowlton, front cover

Navigating 2024's Energy for You Personally

Each of us is in a 9-year cycle of energy. Where you are within your 9-year cycle is based on the first number of your personal Birthdate Signature, and it illuminates actions that are supported in a specific year's energy, as well as actions that may be better supported in years to come.

In your 15-minute reading, Buffy will use your birthdate (y/m/d) to calculate your unique Birthdate Signature and, from there, the year's energy guiding you throughout 2024. And, because we are just a few weeks out of the previous year, we will also look briefly at the year's energy you've just been through in 2023. Hindsight and foresight can help us successfully transition into the current year's energy.

The 9-Year Cycle:
1. Dream the Dream
2. Build the Foundation
3. Go For It
4. Ride the Wind
5. Eye of the Hurricane
6. Own Your Power
7. Year of Joy
8. Caterpillar in the Cocoon
9. Step Into the Light

Buffy's Book: Life Design Portefolio

Life Design Portefolio, co-authored with Joanne Fagotto, is designed to help us explore our life's defining moments so that we can consciously create our most fulfilling futures. "Consciously" is the key word here...meaning, we create and navigate with awareness...not only 2024, but all years going forward. This isn't about letting life happen to us. It's about being actively engaged in the vision we hold for what is to come. Naturally, hopefully, this vision may change over the years, but in being present every step of the way, we are each active participants in our own life's design.

The Life Design Portefolio cover picture is a half-open door and invites a response. Will you cross the threshold or not? When you begin to open the seven doors that await you in the Life Design Portefolio project, whole new vistas may begin to emerge. The tools within its pages are the words, images, questions and activities, but the work of art - your life - will be your conscious creation. You hold the keys.

Life Design Portefolio invites us to Recollect, Reconnect, and Redesign.

Recollect what has been to this point in your life. What no longer serves and you're willing to put down, and what is worth fostering and maintaining?

Reconnect with people, places, and events that might provide you with a richer, more accurate perspective than memory alone...particularly if those memories were established in early childhood and/or during times of distress.

Redesign: Once you know what you know, you can't not know knowing that, how do you envision redesigning your life at this point? This, by the way, isn't a 1-time decision. Life is always informing us, so we can continually choose to redesign.

To learn a little bit more, please watch this brief video: Life Design Portefolio
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