Inez Kelly, Founder and Owner of Nature Makes Scents

With Inez Kelly

Dreams are the soul's nightlight.

Dreams are the wishes of the Soul.

Iroquois Tradition

The Guidance Dreams Provide

Now, more than ever, spiritual awakening guides us to the deepest levels. One of our most profound sources of guidance is our dreams ~ our souls speaking to us, unencumbered by our rational, linear, logical minds.

This interactive workshop will introduce you to the earlier dreamers in history, why we dream, where dreams come from, and why dreams, especially our more bizarre dreams, are important to our mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Dreams - The Soul's Nightlite will provide you with tools to:

  • Remember your dreams.
  • Interpret symbols that present themselves in your dreams which teach, guide, and inform you.
  • Simplify dream interpretation in five steps.
  • Develop ways to use dreams to help resolve problems and open up new life opportunities.
  • Explore how to pose questions for dream direction in ALL areas of your life to deepen your experience of your spiritual self.

Facilitator Inez Kelly's Study of Dreams

Inez Kelly has been exploring and developing dream interpretation for over 25 years, including personal experience and research, as well as studying with Diana McKendree of the Haden Institute in North Carolina.

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“My dreams have powerfully guided me throughout my life. It wasn’t until I began to truly understand dreams' language that access to my Soul’s life map began to unfold." ~ Inez Kelly

Dates & Times


7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

  • May 28, 2020
  • Oct 8, 2020

To register or inquire further, please call us at (905) 844-5055 or send us an email.

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What to Bring
  • Two or more dreams, either current or from the past, especially dreams that have ‘stayed' with you.
  • Your personal dream journal to begin recording your unique dream symbols and characters.