Seven Weeks to Heal with the Seven Huna Principles

Huna Mindfulness Meditation Series - Online Zoom Class with Karen Karall through Akasha's Den

“Anyone who uses his eyes to see and his ears to hear must come to the conclusion that our world and our entire Universe operate on some basic principles.”

Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

7 Classes - 7 Group Healing Sessions - 7 Universal Principles
Rooted in Ancient Hawaiian Shamanism That Will Transform Your Life

There are laws that govern our universe and spiritual principles that operate in our affairs. We become creatively empowered when we are willing to learn, practise, and incorporate them into our daily affairs.

Are you ready to make a 7-week commitment to learning and practising these principles?

Would you like to learn to access the Healing Power and Divine Guidance of your Higher Self?

Each of the seven weekly sessions will include:

  • A teaching and awakening to the Universal Truth taught in each of the Huna Principles.
  • A guided chakra healing meditation to clear and open your energy centres, increasing the Divine Flow of Universal Energy moving through YOU to heal your vibrational energy!
  • A daily Mindfulness Practice to expand upon opening each chakra centre, cultivating a conscious relationship with your Higher Self.
  • An oracle card with a message for you from your Higher Self.

By the end of the seven weeks you will have:

  • An understanding of Universal Law rooted in the Seven Huna Principles; and
  • Opened an inner pathway to connect with the power of your Higher Self.

NOTE: Each week, notes will be emailed prior to the class. Classes include teaching, guided meditation, group exercises, group discussion, and a personal oracle message from your Higher Self. Self-work is to be completed between each class. Maximum: 20 participants.

Interested in learning more about Huna, its seven principles, and what Huna can offer you in your life?
Read more about our Huna workshops here: Huna Initiate Certificate Course and Huna Practitioner Certificate Course.

If you'd like to experience a private 1:1 Huna Healing session,  please see Laura Dias' schedule. Karen will also be offering Huna Healing at the Den on June 6 & 21.

Learn more about Karen Karall, her personal story, and Energy Matters and Miracles.

Please review our Registration, Cancellation, Payment & Refund page before making any purchase. Policies are subject to change without notice, and all will be enforced. Thank you.

The Huna Mindfulness Meditation Series is a 7-week online Zoom class. Registration indicates your commitment to the entire 7-weeks.

Dates & Times

7-Week Online Zoom Class

Wednesday 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

  • Winter- Class 1Feb 8, 2023
  • Winter- Class 2Feb 15, 2023
  • Winter- Class 3Feb 22, 2023
  • Winter- Class 4Mar 1, 2023
  • Winter- Class 5Mar 8, 2023
  • Winter- Class 6Mar 15, 2023
  • Winter- Class 7Mar 22, 2023
  • Fall - Class 1Sep 13, 2023
  • Fall - Class 2Sep 20, 2023
  • Fall - Class 3Sep 27, 2023
  • Fall - Class 4Oct 4, 2023
  • Fall - Class 5Oct 11, 2023
  • Fall - Class 6Oct 18, 2023
  • Fall - Class 7Oct 25, 2023

To register or inquire further, please call us at (905) 844-5055 or send us an email.

Fees (subject to HST)
  • $280 + HST

Includes weekly notes emailed prior to each class.



What to Bring
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