Wire Wrapping Workshop with Susan Webber

Wire wrapping is a great way to create a beautiful piece of jewelry with your favourite crystal or gemstone.

Where do you start? What wire is the best to use? What tools do you need? What are some of the basic wire wrapping techniques?

In this workshop Susan will introduce you to the wonderful world of wire wrapping.

You will learn:

  • The different types of wire (gauges, hardness, colours and metals).
  • The basic tools needed to get you started in wire wrapping.
  • Basic wire wrapping techniques.

Wire wrapping techniques are applied in class to create your own crystal pendant to take home.

If you enjoy this introductory wire wrapping workshop and are interested in learning more advanced wire wrapping techniques with Susan Webber, click on the link, below:
Wire Wrapping Crystals and Gemstones -Advanced

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Dates & Times


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

  • Mar 6, 2019
  • Jun 5, 2019
  • Oct 2, 2019

To register or inquire further, please call us at (905) 844-5055 or send us an email.

Fees (subject to HST)


Includes wire, tools, and choice of crystals and gemstones to wire wrap into a pendant.


From beginners who have never wire wrapped before to those you have experimented in wire wrapping and want to learn more.

What to Bring
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