Embrace the New and Unknown

Navigating Life's Changes with EaseBuffy Knowlton

How well do you navigate change?

    • Celebrating a milestone birthday.
    • Losing a loved one.
    • Welcoming the birth of a child.
    • Moving homes.
    • Letting go of 'stuff.'
    • Letting go of  your child who is now an adult.
    • Letting go of that (and whom) no longer serves...and inviting in the new.
    • Starting a new job...losing a job...or seeking a promotion.
    • Undergoing illness...your own or someone's close to you.
    • Becoming the parent to your parent.
    • Changing title, position...or other external markers by which you identify yourself.
    • Accepting change is the only constant.
    • Finding a different direction in life. Finding more meaning and purpose.

Life's transitions are ongoing, they are a natural part of life, and they can challenge us to our very core. How well we navigate them, or how strongly we resist them, significantly shapes our ability to release the known and embrace the new and unknown. And, as The Serenity Prayer reminds us, there is wisdom in knowing the difference.

Join Buffy Knowlton for this 1-day journey, filled with stories, sharing, exploration, and discovery of how to safely let go of the known and familiar and courageously step into the new and unknown.

Interested in Experiencing an Individual NLC Session?

If you'd enjoy learning how to navigate life's changes within a one-to-one session with Buffy,  please consider the personal service: Navigating Life's Changes.

Reading to Complement the Conscious Creation of Your Future 

Buffy co-authored Life Design Portefolio, a richly illustrated work that guides readers to actively engage in their own life stories by recollecting, reconnecting, and redesigning. It is an invitation to move away from preconceived definitions of self and move toward conscious recognition and choice. Buffy’s book, Life Design Portefolio, is available at Akasha’s Den. Watch the video here.

Buffy Knowlton's book, Life Design Portefolio

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The ONLY constant is change. Together, let's explore how to name it, accept it, navigate it...successfully.

Dates & Times


10:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Sep 19, 2021

To register or inquire further, please call us at (905) 844-5055 or send us an email.

Fees (subject to HST)
  • $140 + HST


What to Bring
  • Your baggage; your grief, your why's, your pain, what's too heavy and no longer serves you...and leave these at the door!