Working with angels

Are you experiencing:

  • Loss of interest in the activities you once found engaging?
  • Lack of desire for conversations about material things, feeling a need for more authentic depth
  • Awareness of sensations at the top of your head (crown chakra) such as tingling, itching, or vibrating energy?
  • A deep yearning for greater meaning in life and a desire to learn more about your spiritual connection to the universe, all that is beyond our physical world?

Then this series is designed for you!

Everything is energy as we walk this path together, connected to one another, the universe, and the angelic realm. You are one with the universe as a spiritually enlightened being. The angelic realm is here to help you navigate and assist as you awaken to your authentic self.

In this class you will learn about the various angels who are always happy to help by sharing their wisdom and comforting guidance. For example:

  • Archangel Michael can assist when you are in doubt and experiencing anxiety.
  • Archangel Raphael brings comfort and understanding, helping to clear the way when you find yourself in a place of deep healing.
  • Archangel Gabriel provides the words and encouragement to speak your truth and communicate with clarity, authenticity and conviction.
  • Archangel Uriel helps you feel grounded and centered as you navigate your way in your spiritual awakening.

You will also learn to connect with your Authentic Self as a Spiritual Being awakening to the Universal energy of love and light.

Embrace a deeper understanding and wisdom that will assist you in navigating your way through everyday life as a Spiritually-Awakened Being, all with the comforting help of angels.

This series is designed to flow with the universe, is angelically-guided, and unfolds organically.  In this way, each class is different and you will come away with greater wisdom, whether you attend one or all of the classes.

Experience more with the Angels and Christine:

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Dates & Times


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

  • Mar 14, 2024
  • Jun 13, 2024
  • Oct 17, 2024

To register or inquire further, please call us at (905) 844-5055 or send us an email.

Fees (subject to HST)
  • $50 + HST


What to Bring
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