Owner - Akasha's Den, Native American Flute Musician, and Reiki Facilitator

Usui Reiki Master Practitioner – Level 3 | Karuna Reiki® Practitioner – Level 2

Alex Terrier

“Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.” ~ Alexandre Terrier


Alexandre Terrier is a man of great depth and breadth, a seeker and explorer. Born in Vernon, Normandy, France,

Alexandre ventured to Oakville, Ontario for his grade 13 year. Feeling instantly at home, he has lived here ever since.

Although aware of his interest in spirituality all his life, Alexandre really only stepped onto his path with the opening of Akasha’s Den. He remembers being overwhelmed, at first, with everything the store had to offer, certain he’d never remember every crystal’s meaning or fully understand the intricacies of the many healing modalities. That all changed quickly, however, when Mary Wileichuk suggested he experience a course in Reiki. From there, he has only looked forward, now introducing many others to Reiki’s benefits.

Alexandre is also an avid student of the Native American flute. Captivated by its soulful sound in 2013, he finds the music calms and centres him, opening his journey of introspection. As a child, he studied both recorder and classical piano, but pursued neither after his teens. In discovering the Native American flute, however, Alexandre's love of music as a form of communication from the heart and soul was re-ignited. It changed everything, inviting deep connection with Spirit. Having recently studied with spiritual teacher and musician, Anthony Barr, in 2015, his connection continues to deepen. Inspired by the flute’s ability to reach people at a very deep level, Alexandre asked Reiki Master Diane Hauschild to attune his flutes to Reiki with the intention that their healing abilities would be enhanced.

Early in his career, Alexandre worked in sales in the hotel industry, travelling extensively in Europe, facilitating meetings and negotiations with companies from around the world. This experience has served him well in both his role of key purchaser for the Den, as well as his time with clients. With humour and compassion, Alexandre offers comfort and hope to all who come to the store in search of their own path and answers. He respects everyone’s uniqueness and celebrates oneness.

Alexandre is immensely proud of all that Akasha’s Den brings to its community. Through its numerous offerings, it is a place of healing and unconditional acceptance; a place where people find themselves, feel a sense of belonging, and gain greater understanding of their gifts and lessons. With Mary and their two dogs, Luna and Karma, Alexandre warmly and unconditionally welcomes you to Akasha’s Den.