Spiritual Teacher, Geomancer, Healer, Joyful Ceremonialist, and Gifted Native Flute Player

Founder ~ Sacred Sevens

Anthony Barr


The earth is being Divinely prepared for the Ascension.

Anthony Barr connects soul and Spirit. He calls on his Native American teachings and Spirit to perform centuries-old spiritual ceremonies, invoking the resonance of the music he brings forth from his flutes. He has conducted over 300 ceremonies to-date, having spent four years studying with medicine men from Garden River, Sault St. Marie, and Mississauga.

Through divine guidance in 2009, Anthony realized that his ceremonies create vortices, and he was guided to accept this gift. He then embarked on many journeys over the next seven years, following his intuition, serendipitous interventions, and angelic energies.

Subsequent to performing three ceremonies at three different sites in Poland in 2014, (including the Auschwitz Memorial Museum), Anthony realized that these sites, when connected with seven other sites of previous ceremonies, created a straight line. When continued, this line created a circle around the planet. Anthony believes that this energy grid supports all the ancient prophecies which call for a New Earth.

Anthony has developed—and continues to develop—numerous videos that illustrate this connection which is ultimately leading us to Ascension. Over the next several months, Akasha’s Den will post Anthony’s videos on our blog. Take a look and see how these concepts resonate with you.