Deep Trance Channeler of Dr. Williams and Spiritual and Meditation Teacher

For over 25 years, Bart Smit and the spirit entity Dr. Williams have enriched lives, worldwide. This spiritual teacher has a remarkable ability to articulate the play of Consciousness to seekers and students of spiritual growth. His love of meditation and the inner realms is surpassed only by his great compassion and reverence for all life. His sense of humour, lightness, and generous use of personal anecdotes allow his students’ hearts to open and grow. A lover of the Truth, Bart invokes the deepest states, helping students recognize and awaken their own inner journey.

Spending so much time deep trance channeling, Bart knows intimately the very different, subtle states of consciousness. This knowledge has led him to a deep understanding of the dance of inner liberation. He can explain, describe, and validate subtleties of consciousness that the Western mind may dismiss. His infectious nature inspires confidence. His loving support provides a comfortable setting that encourages students to dive deeply into exploration, and he has the capacity to bring an entire room into a state of oneness, making meditation natural and alive.

Born Dec. 18, 1961, Bart was raised in Mook, Holland, and moved to Canada in 1975. He sees his commitment to greater consciousness as a continuing journey of enlightenment and empowerment.