Native Elder and Spiritual Healer

Bonnie Reynolds has helped guide many persons toward a spiritual path with the help of the Creator. With Cherokee ancestry from both her paternal great-grandmother and great-grandfather, Bonnie honours all races and encourages everyone who sits in her circle to honour their traditions, spirit dreams, and ancestral teachings. She believes that everyone is equal in the circle, and that the teacher chosen must also be willing to be the student. Recognizing that everyone is on this healing journey together, she also believes that anyone who sits in a sharing and prayer circle with her is part of her ever-growing spirit family.

When her father’s family lost their land to the Europeans, they moved to northern Alberta to homestead. There, they decided not to mention their Native American heritage, a secret kept until all the ancestors, including her father, had passed on. Bonnie only discovered her ancestry when a cousin, who was raised by the grandmother, taught her the grandmother teachings, including their descendence from Star People.

Bonnie has followed the Good Red Road for 30 years, receiving her spirit name, a sacred bundle, and the rights to a women’s lodge. She is an elder in healing the heart, and has worked with aboriginal youth and adults as an addictions counselor and a youth worker in many communities, including Pukatawagan, Manitoba, the Kinaxa Kinbasket tribal council, the Vancouver Friendship Center, and Erminskin School in Hobbema.

Although she says she is now ‘officially retired’, Bonnie continues to do spiritual healing work—based on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel—with women and youth seeking balance mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As well, Bonnie and her partner, Bill Henderson, have been holding traditional sharing circles, smudges, pipe ceremonies, sacred fire teachings, drum making workshops, and naming ceremonies in the Wheatley, Ontario area for the past four years.

Everyone continues to be welcomed into their lives and their home with a hug, a cup of tea, their time, and their kind wisdom. The community has defined them as spiritual parents, grandparents, and elders.