Reiki Instructor and Medium

Certified Medium | Usui Reiki Master Teacher | Master Practitioner Karuna Reiki® | Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner

Carol Righton has been blessed to work in the realm of professional hockey for 33 years. During her time with NHL players and professional referees, she helped them align themselves to achieve peak performance, on and off the ice. She also expanded her own knowledge in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms, recognizing the importance of balancing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve both peak performance and happiness in life.

In 2010, Carol’s son was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Utilizing her knowledge in performance coaching, she was able to assist him with his own healing of the disease. He is now cancer free, living a profound and loving life.

Carol is also a gifted intuitive medium and sound healer. In personal sessions, Carol will communicate messages from your departed loved ones and/or Spirit Guides, offering you wisdom and perspective beyond the realm of our 5-sensory world. In Divine Angelic Heart Healing (DAHH) sessions, she deepens the experience by immersing you in sound, vibration, and musical frequency, all of which come from Carol's intuitive interaction with her singing bowls, chimes, and vocal sounding. Within the journey of sound, Carol takes you deep within yourself and also gently accompanies you on your soul's exploration.

A loving member of the Den’s family of Light Workers, Carol’s ongoing studies include Buddhist Meditation (the art of stilling the mind by concentrating on one thing), Shamanic Sound Healing and Evolutionary Astrology under the teachings of Mark Daniel, raw vegan foods/nutrition, and NIA dance exercise.  She also works with the terminally ill and their families during their time of transitioning and transcending into the Light.