Den Staff and Healer

Certified Medium; Reiki Master Teacher in Usui/Holy Fire & Karuna; Quantum Hypnosis Healer - Level 1 Practitioner; Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner; Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader; Tarot & Oracle Reader; Intuitive Development Coach.

Chanel was gifted from a very young age with the ability to speak to Spirit, feel energies, and interpret Universal symbolism through the forms of light, colours, numbers, and fractals. However, her journey actually started in the pageant world. Immersed in an environment that required her to continuously move beyond her comfort zone, she quickly learned how to step into her own power. Miss Canada Globe Productions quickly recognized Chanel's leadership potential and invited her to become a delegate manager and performance coach at the age of 17. In this capacity, she helped other young women develop confidence, presence, and a healthy approach to mental and physical preparedness. Keeping students' overall well-being as her top priority, Chanel fostered self-empowerment and taught the importance of energy management.

Chanel went on to study communications and psychology at McMaster University, gaining valuable knowledge of the human psyche and interpersonal skills . She also learned how to ask essential questions for the soul’s development and soon recognize her purpose was to help others live a conscious, empowered life of joy and curiosity.

Specializing in inner child healing, shadow work, timeline integration, and intuitive self-development, Chanel incorporates a variety of healing modalities to offer the guidance and clarity needed to facilitate your deep cellular healing. By helping you transmute your fears and limiting beliefs into a more loving vibration, Chanel can help you return home to wholeness.