Heal Your Life® Coach & Workshop Leader; Ho'oponopono Practitioner; NLP Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer

Heal Your Life® Coach/Workshop Leader certified by Patricia Crane, PhD, and Rick Nichols; Ho-ponopono Practitioner certified by Dr. Joe Vitale; Neuro-Linguistic Programing; Usui and Karuna Reiki, and B.A (Hons), Philosophy, U of T.

Halina is an inspirational author, licensed Heal Your Life® coach and workshop leader, spiritual life coach, and mindfulness meditation teacher.

When people meet Halina, the first quality they notice about her is her peaceful and gentle demeanor. They say she emanates calmness and exudes the very definition of peace and love, and they feel comforted just by being in her presence.

Halina’s serene approach to others and life stems from the fact that she spent many years on the path of spiritual development which led to a total transformation and transcendence of her own life and she is now assisting others in their transformation.

Halina is a founder of Living with A.W.E. - Awareness, Wisdom, Empowerment, a wellness coaching, and a heart and soul-focused sanctuary, where she lovingly empowers others in their transformation and offers workshops on love, compassion, forgiveness of self and others, and many other soulful teachings.

Her healing work is designed to bring you to a place of awareness of what beliefs are blocking you, to help you get in touch with the wisdom that resides within you, and to take you to the state of empowerment and mastery of your life. She specializes in identifying and guiding her clients through releasing habitual subconscious programs that prevent them from living fully empowered life.

Through working with Halina, her clients move from a limited place of judgement and self-criticism to a vast open field of self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and potentiality. This allows them to make meaningful changes in their life and experience true happiness, joy, love, fulfillment, freedom, peace, and empowerment.

IG: halina.ananda8