Owner: Nature Makes Scents

Aromatherapy; Essential Oil Supplier for the Den

Inez Kelly, Founder and Owner of Nature Makes Scents


"With every blend We create (I'm never alone when blending!), it is my intention that whomever experiences Our blends is enriched and inspired by the love and joy that goes into creating them.” ~ Inez Kelly

Inez Kelly's massage practice using therapeutic essential oils has spanned 25 extraordinary years. Drawing upon her extensive work with essential oils, blends, and custom blending, Inez launched Nature Makes Scents shortly after Akasha's Den opened its doors in 2007. Her extensive knowledge and experience in this field, as well as in Reflexology, Reiki, Holistic Nutritional Consulting, and Dream Exploration workshops, have provided Akasha's Den with ongoing 'Blending and Information Events' as a resource of support and coaching.

Blending essential oils over the years has given Inez a deep and profound insight into one of Mother Nature's most precious gifts. The truly Divine nature of essential oils has opened up an access to healing that goes beyond anything she could have possibly imagined when she first began. Her experience of joy, love, relationships, the Divine, and the cosmic have been powerfully enhanced with their use. Essential oils and blending...for mind, body, and Spirit.