Huna Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher | Intuitive Healer

Huna; Dowsing

Karen Karall has worked with energy for more that 16 years. Knowing that health and wellbeing are choices we all have the power to make, she began with her own personal search to heal herself of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Then in 2006, Karen learned Huna, a healing methodology that enabled her to heal her physical body—to doctor-certified health—with energy. From there, she started a practice healing others or, as she observes, the practice seemed to start itself.

Karen continues to incorporate the ancient Hawaiian principles and philosophies of Huna daily in her person life, and she is passionate about using Energy Medicine to awaken and enlighten those suffering from physical issues, stress, and anxiety. Karen is honoured to share with others how to live within the deep inner wisdom of true health and wellness.