Spiritual Artist, Workshop Facilitator, and Intuitive Guide

Susan Webber intuitively creates unique jewellery, metaphysical tools, and art. All her creations incorporate natural elements, such as crystals, feathers, and driftwood. From her deep and profound love of nature, she is inspired to capture its beauty and healing energy in each of her one-of-a-kind pieces. Her mission is to help bring joy and healing to others through her art, as well as to provide tools that will serve people as they follow their spiritual path.

Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge of crystals and their healing properties. Her workshops at Akasha's Den allow people to expand their consciousness and develop their spiritual self in a safe space. In many of her workshops, she blends intuitive guidance with creative elements, giving participants a chance to make, and take home, something special they have created themselves. She strongly believes that knowledge is power, but only when you share it with others. Through her workshops Susan helps people connect to their own intuition and ignite their creative minds.

Gemstones and crystals have natural healing properties, so all jewellery she makes is not only a beautiful creation to wear, but can also help improve certain ailments and assist with emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Susan is especially inspired by the Native American culture when it comes to the spiritual accessories she creates. Hand-crafted driftwood dream catchers, leather medicine pouches, and a variety of rattles are all created with products that have been treated with love and respect.