Certified Registered Reflexologist (C.R.) | Member: Ontario College of Reflexology

Suzanne Jambor

"The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result." ~ Edgar Casey


Born in Hungary, Suzanne Jambor initially graduated from Business Administration in Budapest, then immigrated to Canada with her daughter Sofia. Through her many workshops, studies and her practice, she has extensive experience treating numerous health-related issues such as insomnia; back, shoulder, and arthritis pain; constipation; side effects of chemotherapy, menopause, and hormonal imbalances; thyroid problems; gallbladder and kidney stones; sciatica; head aches and migraines, and weight issues. She is also experienced in addressing old and new sport injuries, food related illnesses, and approaches to pain management.

Her healing methodology is based on the old Chinese theory that the human body is a highly complex electrical circuit. Like any electrical circuit, it must be kept in good working order to function effectively. If the circuit breaks down, the result is illness.

Optimum health is achieved by maintaining the body in a balanced state. Imbalance leads to blockages in the flow of qi (pronounced ‘chee’, meaning vital energy) along energy pathways known as meridians. In working with reflexology and the meridian points, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical blockages are cleared, and the body is returned to homeostasis.

Suzanne’s clientele range from small children to individuals in their 90s. She lovingly believes in the powerful healing of human touch and comforting hugs. Well known in the Oakville community, many of her clients are referrals invited to experience her healing modality. Feeling so strongly about the power of reflexology, Suzanne guarantees positive change within three treatments! An avid promoter of healthy lifestyle and alternative healing modalities, she is also always open to any questions her clients may have, diligently offering learning opportunities to assist each individual in awakening to their fullest potential.


As a Certified Registered Reflexologist, Suzanne can issue receipts for insurance reimbursement, if relevant to the client's specific insurance coverage.