Reflexologist & Spiritual Consultant

Certified Registered Reflexologist (C.R.B.A) | Member: Ontario College of Reflexology

Suzanne Jambor

"The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result." ~ Edgar Casey


Suzanne has worked full-time in the Halton community since 2005, her clientele ranging from children to the elderly. She is also very experienced in working with pregnant women. By combining reflexology with meridian point therapy, Suzanne helps individuals receive excellent results in clearing congestion on many levels (emotional, spiritual, and physical).

Through her many workshops, studies and practice, Suzanne has extensive experience treating numerous health-related issues such as insomnia; lower back, shoulder, elbow, and arthritis pain; constipation; side effects of chemotherapy, menopause, and hormonal imbalances; thyroid issues; gallbladder and kidney stones; sciatica; frozen shoulder; headaches and migraines. She is also very experienced in addressing old and new sport injuries, food-related illnesses and sensitivities, weight issues, low life-force energy, fatigue, anxiety, and approaches to pain management.

Suzanne is always open to any questions you may have and enjoys offering learning opportunities to assist all individuals in awakening to their fullest potential and self-realization.


As a Certified Registered Reflexologist, Suzanne can issue receipts for insurance reimbursement, if relevant to the client's specific insurance coverage.