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A multi-coloured spiral spinning upward

It is Better for Our Spirit to Start the Upward Spin Sooner Than Later

By Christine Miokovic It’s true that when we start to spiral downward, we can easily continue spiraling. A difficult day … read More

An empath will sense the energies around them in their vibrational field.

Are You an Empath?

by Susan Webber Take the Empath Quiz Before we get into what an empath is, let’s take a little quiz. … read More

An image of an eagle representing the Ascension on earth

The Ascension: It is Happening Now

Ascension. Den facilitator Anthony Barr has created a series of videos that explore this fascinating and timely topic: what it is; … read More

Inez Kelly as a child with her pony remembers the smells of her family farm in Ontario.

Life – An Escentual Experience

“Can you smell that?” “What, Dad? Smell what?” “Rain’s coming.” Turning in the direction my father was facing, west, I … read More

Akasha's Den in Downtown Oakville

Akasha Leads Us Home…Again

Much has been written about 2017 being a year of new beginnings and creations, and it is certainly true for … read More

2017: The Year of New Creations

2017: The Year of New Creations

An Extraordinary Start to 2017, the Year of New Creations by Bart Smit A rare astrological event will be occurring … read More

7 Universal Laws

Universal Laws and Co-Creation

We can all co-create the life we want, deliberately and in partnership with Source, once we recognize that everything is energy … read More

Nothing Changes Until I do


Nothing changes until I do. Really? Really. I cannot control you or change you. I am not responsible for what … read More

I Am

The Verb ‘to be’

English is a strange and complicated language. For every rule we have, there is an exception. We update our dictionaries … read More