REGISTRATION (by phone, email, or in-person.)

To confirm your seat, pre-registration WITH full payment is required. This is in fairness to participants and facilitators, and so that events may flourish. Payment also encourages full commitment, energetically. Last minute registrations are always welcome, provided space is available. We do not, however, encourage drop-in at the time of the event, unless promoted this way in our newsletter or social media; we cannot guarantee you a seat if space is limited.

Service appointments should be booked at least 48 hours in advance (and the MORE IN ADVANCE, the better, for availability)…although we sometimes have cancellations, so feel free to contact us for a last-minute booking.


  1. First and last names of each participant you are registering;
  2. Best phone number and email to reach you and each participant; and
  3. Full payment.

The following events also require the additional information, below:

  • Youth programs ~ the name and contact information of the parent/guardian.
  • Prerequisite courses ~ proof of prerequisite completion.


  1. Phone: Credit card (Visa or MasterCard). All information is strictly confidential and shredded once payment is processed. Do NOT send credit card information by email.
  2. E-transfer:; password: Akasha5. If you choose a different password, please send it in a separate email.
  3. In-person: Gift Certificates, Cash, MasterCard, VISA, and debit accepted. No cheques, please.


All start times must be honoured. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your start time.

Late Arrivals to:

  • Services (Healing Sessions and Readings): You will receive the remainder of your appointment time, and only if it is considered reasonable by the service provider. You will be charged the full value of your appointment. End-times will NOT be extended.
  • Events (Circles & Meditations; Youth Programs; Workshops; Special Events):You will not be admitted late if the event or workshop/meditation is disrupted. Please note: Doors lock 10 minutes after start time. Please call if you will be later, and arrangements may be made if it does not disrupt the class/event.


The following is our standard policy, unless otherwise specified in the Service or Event description.

Services Events
(Circles & Meditations; Youth; Workshops)
Special Events
Healings Sessions & Readings 1-2 Hour Duration Half Day
(3-4 hours)
Full Day
(5-8 hours)
Weekend & Multi Day Series
Cancellation Notice Required for FULL Refund: 48 hours + Subject to Admin. Fee (See below.) 2 Days 7 Days 14 Days 14 Days 2 Days
NO Refunds: Once service is rendered. For cancellations made within less than the above times.
Administrative Fee: An Administrative Fee is applied when there is notice to cancel.
A full refund will be provided, less the Administrative Fee (plus HST).
Cancellation Fee: $15, if cancelled within 48 hours. $5 $10 $15 $20 $5
Change Fee:
Appropriate Cancellation Notice required to change/reschedule.

$5 / per change/rescheduling with appropriate cancellation notice, as outlined above.