Want to take better care of yourself?  Start by caring for your cells!  Already have a self-care routine? upgrade your feel-good juicy cells with the 12 essential minerals.

The trillion and one or two cells that combine to make up your beautiful self need love and attention, everyday.  Give your cells love and light by sending loving thoughts, sounds, and  images to each and every one and thank your cells for all they do.

Now that we have expressed our gratitude lets take a moment to consider how and why you are able to read and comprehend these words while drinking a tea ?

The many co-ordinated actions of your muscles, neurons, and sensory receptors are all taking place simultaneously and the transference of information is dependent on the presence and activity of certain minerals, vitamins, and a balance of the macro nutrients.  As does the Calcium in the bones, minerals lay the framework upon which everything else operates.  Minerals are the building blocks for our foundations.   Minerals are also the messengers and the bridges from inside and outside of the cells.

How can we practice self care and self love? One way is by slowing down long enough to listen to ourselves and exactly what we need for our wholeness and fulfillment. ( and then attracting that into our life.)   How can we care for our cells?  By noticing their messages and answering their call for water or sleep or a good laugh, you are strengthening a loving relationship built on trust and following your instincts, your real gut instincts.

Your body, my body, our bodies are magnificent and powerful and they know how to heal.  While the chef knows how to prepare a feast, they will require certain ingredients to be combined in just the right ratios for the magic to happen!  We do not need to act alone; we can call on the elements.  Our cells know what we need to feel good in our skin, to be present, loving, and free to move, experience, create as we divine.  It is our right to be healthy.  It is our right to feel good.

Our cells are in constant communication, with each other and the outside world.  We are signaled when we are hungry, thirsty, tired, hot, in pain, etc.   And we respond to those signals by satisfying that need to the best of our current knowledge and  (avail)ability.  There are also more subtle messages we can tune into and the more we listen the better we get at understanding what it is we need to best support our cells / selves.  For example, when we are experiencing cramps and spasms, it is one of our body’s ways of letting us know that our cells are not in alignment with the flow of magnesium.

Why are minerals essential? Because we are not able to make minerals, we must attain them from food, water and/or supplementation.  And we must be able to absorb and assimilate the minerals so that the cells can do their work.

Here are 3 easy ways to optimize your well being and self care routine with Schuessler Tissue Salts:

*We all know how important it is that are cells are hydrated, and drinking water is just part of the equation.  We need the correct balance of minerals to hold the water and absorb the water into the cells.  Specifically, the mineral Natrum Muriaticum (Sodium Chloride) is essential for us to distribute the water in our bodies.   Consider his mineral if you are drinking lots of water but it is just being eliminated quickly, you are experiencing dry eyes, dry skin, dry mouth.

*The freedom to move our bodies joyously and exercise is a gift. Give gratitude and support to your bones, joints and muscles with the minerals found in Combination U .

*Sleep plays a major role in our overall wellbeing as it is the time of repair and renewal for our cells,  Rest is equally important for both development and vitality.  This principle is practiced by top athletes, spiritual seekers, and plants alike.  The dark hours are equally important.

We may experience difficulty to either fall asleep or stay asleep. If your calves or toes are cramping, you are feeling restless and tense, consider the Mineral salt Magnesium Phosphate, which can be taken daily or enjoyed as a hot beverage before bed.

If sleep is eluding you due to a restless mind or negative thoughts, consider Kalium Phosphoricum, the main constituent of the nervous system.

Here is to the beginning a re-imagined beautifully supportive long-term relationship with your cells/self.

******Tissue Salts have been used successfully by millions of people worldwide for over a century. Tissue Salts have proven to be helpful in restoring the proper flow and balance of minerals, and can be taken safely for chronic or acute situations. Tissue Salts support overall wellbeing and vitality and are a wonderful compliment  with any health regime. The quick absorption and fast action of Tissue Salts also makes them an excellent choice for first aid conditions.*******

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*Disclaimer-  This information is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

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