Akashic Record Reading with Chanel at Akasha's Den

During your session, Chanel will take you into the Akashic Field using a pathway prayer, which is where you will begin to feel your Spirit elevate into the consciousness of The Masters, Teachers and Loved One’s who govern the Akashic Records. Once you are in the field, Chanel will ask The Record Keepers if there are any opening messages that Spirit wishes to communicate and allow you an opportunity to receive any insight, visions, colours, or messages from the Record Keepers directly. Any messages that were brought forth will be communicated with you at this time, as well as give you an opportunity to discuss anything you may have experienced.

After the opening messages have been expressed, Chanel will then move into asking the Record Keepers your chosen questions, allowing you to be part of the journey with the Guides and be open to receiving any messages that are communicated by the Record Keepers directly. Once the questions have been answered, Chanel will then complete a clearing on the field to remove all unwanted energies, contracts and imprints as well as revitalizing, cleansing, clearing and upgrading the DNA Blueprint.

Please note that once the clearing has been completed, there will be a clearing protocol that needs to be carried out for the next 21 days in order to fully restore the Blueprint and integrate the new energies. This process needs to be repeated every day for the entire 21 day duration, if any days are missed, it will reset the clearing and need to be started over again. This is the most difficult part of the clearing process but is the most important, it is imperative that you commit to the process and see it through to the end to fully complete the clearing.

Preparing for Your Session

We recommend that you:
a) Create an intention for your session to better direct the energy towards your goals and questions of interest; and
b) Prepare a list of 1-3 questions that you would like to explore while in the Records, and email a typed copy to info@akashasden.com the night before your session.

Formatting Your Questions

The Akashic Field is a Quantum library that contains access to the data on all the forms of consciousness ever created and is a valuable tool for seeking clarity and guidance on your Spiritual journey, as well as to clear and collapse timelines, imprints, and energies that are not serving, whether from a past or current lifetime/memory. Questions can be asked about any topic that is relevant to your journey directly – it is not recommended to use the Akashic Records to source information that is not pertaining to your life directly. Recommended topics of interest to explore: career, love life, spiritual path, message from Guides, etc. When formatting your questions, it is best to ask open ended questions rather than yes or no questions.

Sample Questions:

  • What is my Soul Mission?
  • Do I have any Soul Contracts currently in place? If so, with whom and how are they manifesting?
  • What possible fields of interest would best suit my abilities?
  • What are my Divine Gifts?
  • Do I have any past lives that are still imprinted in my body that need to be released?
  • When will I find my soulmate?
  • Will I find success in my current field of work?
  • How to reconnect with my intuition?
  • Are there any messages from my Guides?
  • Is this relationship in my best interest?
  • What is the connection between my (sibling, friend, parent, animal) and I?
  • What ways does my shadow-self manifest?
  • Do I have any karmic imprints being carried out from my lineage at this time? If so, what and how is it manifesting?


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Please book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
However, we sometimes have cancellations, so feel free to contact the Den for last minute appointments.

Following your Akashic Record reading, it is imperative you commit to a 21-day clearing protocol explained to you by Chanel during your session.

This service can be facilitated in-person at the Den, as well as by distance via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Please tell Den staff your preference for an in-person or distance session when booking your appointment.

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