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Birthdate Signature and Face Readings

What Is a Birthdate Signature?

At the time of your birth, you were imprinted with very specific patterns. These patterns play out as recurring themes of behaviour, experience, and personal interaction.

They also serve as guideposts to your life purpose. When you are aligned with your unique patterns, life unfolds relatively effortlessly and provides endless opportunities for you to experience people and events that deeply and positively resonate with your truest essence. There is a tangible sense of ease and balance and flow. When not aligned, life feels hard or that it doesn't fit. It's a struggle, equivalent to paddling upstream.

Birthdate signature reading is based on a centuries-old system called Nine Star Ki, developed by the ancient Chinese. They uncovered how energy travels through time and the ramifications on birthdates. Based on the month, day, and year you were born, Buffy will calculate the three numbers of your birthdate signature. Each number represents different aspects of your personality, such as the filters through which you view life; your greatest needs;  your inner nature, particularly under stress; the first impression you make on people; your true calling; and the major and minor themes that play out in your life. From this, you will also learn how these three numbers influence each other, plus practical ways in which you can utilize your strengths and diminish your challenges.

Birthdate Signature and Face Reading

In addition to the 60-minute Birthdate Signature Reading, a 90-minute session will also include a reading of your facial features. Read more here.

How Is This Information Helpful To Me?

There are countless ways you will want to incorporate this information into your daily life, but perhaps the main three are these:

  1. When aware of your patterns and purpose, you become more empowered. You can recognize more fully the essence of what you have come here to be and do in this lifetime. Like finding the perfect-sized shoes, life will fit. You can step confidently forward on your path, knowing the directions in which you will travel most comfortably, confidently, and successfully.
  2. Every behavioural trait we possess has both healthy and unhealthy expressions. Understanding both enables us to actively choose how we approach everyone and everything in our lives. It also clearly illuminates when we may be acting in ways that are detrimental to our wellbeing so that we can quickly and easily course-correct.
  3. Understanding how our patterns may complement or clash with another person's offers deep understanding of relationship dynamics in love, friendship, and the workplace. It is not that one style or approach is better than the other. Rather, this is an invitation to appreciate different perspectives and how to balance them for everyone's highest interest.

What You Will Take Away With You

Beyond the deep understandings you will receive in your reading, Buffy will also provide you with a thorough written summary that you can refer to in years to come.

Please review our Registration, Cancellation, Payment & Refund page before making any purchase. Policies are subject to change without notice, and all will be enforced. Thank you.

Birthdate Signature Readings require your complete date-of-birth (month/day/year) upon registration. Registration for this service must be made a minimum of 3 days before your appointment to allow Buffy time to prepare your report.

This service can be facilitated in-person at the Den, as well as by distance via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Please tell Den staff your preference for an in-person or distance session when booking your appointment.

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