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Dana Green Essential Mineral Consultations at Akasha's Den

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Dana Green and Essential Minerals at Akasha's Den in OakvilleDana Green

Experience the Flow and Glow of Cell Transformation
(Original artwork by facilitator Dana Green.)

Did you know...

The body contains trillions of cells. These cells are responsible for virtually everything that happens inside our bodies.

And within each of these trillions of cells are 12 minerals (nutrients). When we feel our best, our bodies are in a state of flow, a state of equilibrium in which there is a proper balance and movement of these 12 minerals at the cellular level. In fact, by our very design, the human body strives for equilibrium and, incredibly, much of this intricate choreography of balance and movement happens without our conscious awareness.

Yet, sometimes, that balance and/or movement of minerals can become out of alignment and/or blocked.

For example, have you ever experience leg cramps at night?

Muscular contraction(in this case, cramping), requires calcium. And in order to relax, muscle requires magnesium. The cramping, then, is one way in which our cells communicate that they are unable to efficiently co-ordinate the calcium and magnesium molecules available to them…the balance, the movement, or both.

In your Essential Minerals Consultation, Dana will explore the nature of your individual experience:

Trained in Classical Homeopathic Medicine, and certified by the Asian Pacific Institute of Biochemical Medicine in Facial Analysis of Mineral Deficiencies, Dana interprets the language of your cells and identifies which essential minerals are required to re-establish balance.

However, more minerals are not always what is needed. Imbalance can also be about the body’s ability to effectively utilize the minerals currently available to it.  If the magnesium bridge to the cells is broken, for example, adding more magnesium to cross into the cells is not going to help.  Rather, it is the movement of the magnesium that must be restored…the movement across cell membranes; the movement to bond with other minerals to form healthy tissues and organs; the movement across nerve cell synapses.

Think of a traffic jam in which everyone is stuck. Even emergency vehicles can find it difficult to navigate. Similarly, this is what happens when the movement of essential minerals from cell to cell is disrupted. Nutrients are not delivered, energy is stagnant, and vital responses are slowed or delayed.

In consultation with Dana, you will also learn to tune in more deeply to this communication with your body; to listen more accurately to what you are truly feeling; where and how you are feeling it; and even how you feel about what you are experiencing.


Book your Essential Minerals Consultation with Dana, and unleash your unlimited potential from the cells, up.

  • Essential Mineral Initial Consultation: (90 minutes - $150)
    This is your first session and includes a face and body-type analysis, an intake of your health journey so far, and your current wellness goals. Please note: In order to work with Dana, this initial consultation is required.

Follow up sessions are recommended, and Dana will advise the frequency:

  • Essential Mineral Follow-up Consultation: (30 minutes - $65)
  • An Essential Mineral Therapeutic Consultation (60 minutes - $100) is recommended when more than 30 minutes is needed.

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We have a wide selection of dates and times available for Essential Mineral Consultations. Please contact the Den to schedule your appointment.

This service can be facilitated in-person at the Den, as well as by distance via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Please tell Den staff your preference for an in-person or distance session when booking your appointment.

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  • 90 minutes : $150 + HST
  • 60 minutes: $100 + HST
  • 30 minutes: $65 + HST

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