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Dana Green and Essential Minerals at Akasha's Den in OakvilleDana Green

Experience the Flow and Glow of Cell Transformation
(Original artwork by facilitator Dana Green.)

Essential Minerals and How They Support Wellbeing

Health starts at the cellular level. Cells perform the many vital bodily processes essential for life, the form and function of each cell being dependent upon a balance of minerals. In the mid-1800’s, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a medical physician and homeopath, identified 12 mineral salts essential for balance in our bodily systems. He named these mineral compounds tissue salts, because they help build tissue and, therefore, organs of the body. Tissue salts supply cells with essential minerals that are out of balance and/or deficient, allowing form and function to return to the cells and a natural state of wellbeing to return to the individual.

This biochemical method is a scientific system of checks and balances. It is an easy, gentle way to achieve balance at the cellular level, support the body's systems, plus build and maintain our foundation of strength.

What an Essential Mineral Consultation Reveals

Our face, body type, and skin all reveal information about our unique selves and our overall state of wellbeing. Specifically:

  • Areas of the face correspond with associated organs.
  • Body type reveals constitutional strengths and weaknesses inherent in different body systems.
  • Skin reacts to our thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle. In its colour and condition, our skin reflects the state of our nervous system and mirrors the mind-body connection.

Through her combined experience in homeopathic private practice and biochemics, Dana Green reads the information communicated by your face, body, and skin, then identifies which minerals will restore equilibrium.

There are two types of consultations available. Depending on which you choose, Dana may also recommend other practices, services, and ideas to further complement your use of tissue salts.

Which consultation is right for me?

1. Essential Minerals Consultation (60 minutes)

During the initial Essential Minerals consult, Dana will:

  • Take your general case history, including current diet and supplements.
  • Do facial diagnostics.
  • Recommend the essential minerals and protocol to restore balance and flow.

2. Head-to-Toe: Beautiful Cells, Beautiful Self Consultation (90 minutes)

During the initial Head-to-Toe consult, Dana will:

  • Take your general case history, including current diet and supplements.
  • Do facial, body type, and skin diagnostics.
  • Recommend essential minerals and protocols to restore balance and flow, plus one or more of: Scheussler Tissue Salts; Sea Flora Skin Care products and bath soaks; Crystals; Essential oils and oil blends; Herbal teas; and/or 1-on-1 Services.

What do I need to provide before the consultation?

Before your initial consultation, you will:
a) Complete a general intake form that summarizes your basic medical history, current state of health, and any presenting issues of concern; and
b) Sign the Waiver and Consent to analysis form.

*If your session is by distance, rather than in-person, we ask you to also provide one or more close-up photographs of your face and full body, prior to your session. Den staff will provide full instructions to you, upon registration.

What about follow-up?

Although not required, follow-up is definitely recommended. Effective change often takes time. Patterns emerge. Certain approaches and responses become clearer over time. For those open to this concept, we encourage this follow-up schedule. For:

  1. Acute Symptoms Follow-up Consultation (i.e. symptoms that appeared quickly): One-to-three 30-minute follow-ups is encouraged for a 60-minute Essential Minerals consultation, starting 1 week after the initial consultation.
  2. Chronic Symptoms Follow-up Consultation (i.e. ongoing symptoms): Three-to-six 60-minute follow-ups is encouraged for a 90-minute Head-to-Toe consultation, starting 2 weeks after the initial consultation.

Patterns and bodily responses are often long-established, so change may take some time, including revisions to protocols. This type of work requires 'conversation' with the client's conscious, as well as the client's bodily responses to treatment.

Where can I source Dana recommendations? 

While there is no obligation to purchase, the majority of Dana's recommendations are available at Akasha's Den. These include:

  • Scheussler Tissue Salts
  • Sea Flora Skin Care products and bath soaks
  • Crystals
  • Essential oils and oil blends
  • Herbal teas
  • 1-on-1 Services.


Please review our Registration, Cancellation, Payment & Refund page before making any purchase. Policies are subject to change without notice, and all will be enforced. Thank you.

We have a wide selection of dates and times available for Essential Mineral Consultations. Please contact the Den to schedule your appointment.

This service can be facilitated in-person at the Den, as well as by distance via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Please tell Den staff your preference for an in-person or distance session when booking your appointment.

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All fees are subject to HST.

  • 90 minutes : $150 + HST
  • 60 minutes: $120 + HST
  • 30 minutes: $65 + HST

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Please contact the Den directly at 905-844-5055 or send us an email to book your appointment for this service.