Healing sound waves

Each organ and system of the body vibrates—or resonates—at its own frequency.  When this resonance is interrupted by physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma, static or discordant energy is produced which prevents the free flow of correct information to the affected area.  Sound is used to help clear that dissonance—whether trauma has been literal or symbolic—and restore balance in the individual.  Essentially, we’re returning something to the frequency that’s inherent within it.

Sound healing in its many forms is an ancient practice, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of its soothing, non-invasive approach.  Through seemingly simple notes of the scale, sound serves as a powerful carrier for intention into the Client’s consciousness and is easily recognized, absorbed, and utilized by the body.

While Harmonic Sound Therapy can be a stand-alone therapy, it is also an ideal complement to other healing modalities, amplifying their effectiveness and resulting in reduced healing crisis.

Treatments generally include a balance of approaches.  Sound work with tuning forks is applied both above and on the body in a seated position.  This is followed by energy healing on the massage table, then discussion of relevant intuitive guidance.    Each session is unique, and the proportion of time spent in each of these three approaches is determined by both the Client’s need and readiness to receive.

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