Mediumship Readings with Chanel Lynn at Akasha's Den in Oakville.

When a loved one passes, it can leave us feeling confused, heartbroken, and lost. The physical separation of being away from our loved ones can be an emotionally trying experience to navigate. A medium's job is to bridge the gap between this world and the spiritual realm where your departed loved one(s) have gone. Chanel uses her extrasensory abilities to both see and feel into the other realms in order to communicate with your deceased loved ones, bringing forth guidance, clarity, and closure.

Our loved ones often provide guidance and advice on the different events happening in our lives today, such as love life, career, finance, and everything in-between. Mediumship is a beautiful way to be able to release any guilt or shame being felt around your loved one's departure. It can also provide you an opportunity to say goodbye and receive closure so you can move forward with your life in peace, knowing they are safe...which is all our loved ones truly desire for us.

Chanel works very closely with archangels, spirit guides, celestial beings, and guardian angels,  always ensuring the space is set with the highest good of all and that only those of the most divine and sacred vibrations are invoked.

Being the recipient of a mediumship reading is a great reminder that you are never truly alone and your loved ones, even though physically departed, are still connected to you through Spirit.

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Consider registering for Carol Righton's:

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This weekend workshop is for graduates of the Mediumship Certificate Course who are looking to take their mediumship skills to the next level.


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