Mediumship Readings with Chanel Lynn at Akasha's Den in Oakville.

A mediumship reading is the process of communicating with deceased loved ones (DLOs) and is a profoundly healing experience. It shows that bonds of love never die, even when our loved ones have shed their physical bodies.

Because Chanel can see and feel your DLOs when they present themselves, she can describe their physical appearance, personality, and emotions. She can also discern the guidance and messages they're communicating in the stories they tell, references they make, and statements of love they offer, all of which help you clearly identify who is coming through.

A mediumship reading can be very healing.  Loved ones often provide advice about our lives today and in the future.  They want to talk about career, finance, love, and everything in between! They see the reading as an opportunity to 'take the floor' and help in any way they can. The reading also offers you the opportunity to achieve more clarity, if needed; release any guilt you may feel; and even say goodbye, knowing they are safe.

Working closely with Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides ensures the reading Chanel provides is protected by the most sacred energies and invokes only beings of the highest vibration.

Being the recipient of a mediumship reading is a great way to know that you are not alone and that you are loved now and always.

Interested in Experiencing More with Mediumship?
Consider registering for Carol Righton's:

1)  Mediumship Certificate Course

2) Mediumship Certificate Course - Advanced
This weekend workshop is for graduates of the Mediumship Certificate Course who are looking to take their mediumship skills to the next level.

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This service can be facilitated in-person at the Den, as well as by distance via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Please tell Den staff your preference for an in-person or distance session when booking your appointment.

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Please contact the Den directly at 905-844-5055 or send us an email to book your appointment for this service.