Judith Onley

Special Note: Two Book Signings with Judith
On Wed., Sept. 27th, from 9pm to 10pm, immediately following her Group Live Channel Event, and again on Thurs., Sept. 28th, (5pm to 6pm), Judith will personally sign your copies of her books: Messages of Hope From "US", (her latest publication and a #1 bestseller on Amazon) and Your Mastery - Live it Now! Both books are available for purchase at the Den.

Personal Channel and 'Energy Upgrade'
Judith Onley is a Spiritual Mentor who communicates and teaches with the assistance of "US" (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), a group of non-physical beings who are spiritual teachers. She has been writing angelic messages for many years and now shares this empowering information, live, in group settings or one-on-one. Those who attend group channels are profoundly affected, not only by the words of the messages, but by the energy, as they actually receive an 'activation' at a deep cellular level. Word of these Divine messages has spread, and she has been travelling North America and Mexico the past seven years, sharing the loving energy and empowering messages for the benefit of all who are awakening at this time of unprecedented shift, transformation, and possibility.

Through her roles as channel, Reiki Master, E.M.F. Practitioner, and spiritual mentor, Judith helps people integrate harmony in the body, thus creating freedom, inner peace, and empowerment. By assisting people to connect with their Divine essence and actually feel it in their bodies, she enables them to truly live the truth of who they are as Divine beings.

In a private channeling session, you experience loving, empowering words and activations related to your own personal situation and questions.


  • Interested in attending Judith's Group Live Channel Event? Learn more here.
  • Akasha's Den carries both of Judith's books, Messages of Hope From "US" , full of profound messages from the United Souls of Heaven and Earth, and her previous publication, Your Mastery - Live it Now! Be sure to check them out when you next visit us at the Den.

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