Singing bowls around Akasha's Den's healing bed

Important Information About Variable Times
Friday sessions are offered between 11am - 7pm.
Thursday and Saturday sessions are offered between 11am - 6pm.

Personal Sound Ceremony: 60 minutes.
Personal Sound Ceremony with Intuitive Sharing: 90 minutes.

Since everything is in a constant state of vibration, and sound is a natural product of that vibration, Personal Sound Ceremony is about relaxation and deep restoration. We humans discovered thousands of years ago how to deepen meditation and restore our bodies with the rich, delicate tones of singing bowls and sound.

As you lay on the healing table, bowls, chimes, and gongs surround you with restorative gentle sound. In Personal Ceremony sound is woven in an intuitive manner as Mark and his singing bowls guide you into a deep, wonderfully restorative experience.  In this state of calm, your body relaxes and your mind quiets.  You are then free to experience dreamlike states as you remain aware or drift off comfortably, gently releasing restricted energy.  This dreamlike state can ease you into--or fill you completely with--the Divine within. 

As your sound ceremony unfolds and with your permission, Mark may intuitively reposition the bowls...even place them on you...focusing not only on the seven main chakras, but on the many other less commonly known chakras as well, encouraging joyful release, where needed.  As you rest from your daily burdens, your body guides the ceremony.  Instinctively, the bowls are called to where they can be of most benefit. The effect is wonderful and has been described as a day at the spa in one hour.  Each ceremony is unique, and it is common to receive insights in areas of your life that need your awareness and, in so doing, gain more clarity.

In an intuitive 90-minute session, Mark shares insights received before and/or during the Personal Sound Ceremony.

Mark first learned to work with singing bowls while living in India in the early '80s and has since added techniques gained as a Reiki Master Practitioner and from other studies. He allows pure presence (connecting to the Divine within) to flow and support all aspects of every personal sound ceremony.

Please book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
However, we sometimes have cancellations, so feel free to contact the Den for last minute appointments.

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All fees are subject to HST.

  • Personal Sound Ceremony: 60 minutes - $97
  • Personal Sound Ceremony and Intuitive Sharing: 90 minutes - $150
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