(Rolfing or Rolf Massage)

Before, During, & After Rolf Massage

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration (aka Rolfing or Rolf Massage) is very different from traditional massage.  The goal is to improve health and vitality by aligning and balancing the structure of the body within the field of gravity.  If you think of your body as a vertical cylinder or pipe through which energy passes vertically in the form of the force of gravity, kinks or sharp curves in the pipe restrict the flow.  By addressing the bigger picture of what is going on in the entire body structure, symptoms are eliminated, life renews, and joy develops.  This is achieved by massaging the fascia (the connective tissue matrix) until it is pliable. The body structure is then easily manipulated to unwind dysfunctional patterns of strain and stress, allowing natural alignment and balance to unfold with countless benefits.

Look Better
•  Taller and slimmer
•  More graceful and athletic
•  More aligned and symmetrical
•  More at ease in your body

Feel Better
•  Relief from stiffness, tension, and pains
•  Lighter and uplifted, as if a heavy weight is lifted and youthful ease returns
•  More comfortable in good posture and sitting comfortably in meditation
•  Energized as movement becomes easier, smoother, and more powerful
•  Greater athletic performance
•  Grounded, centered and peaceful
•  Balanced, confident and uplifted

Live Better
•  Better relationships
•  Open/clear energy channels to increase capacity to sense and be a conduit for energy
•  Access emotions, memories and wisdom stored in the body

During the session you are an involved participant, often instructed to breathe into the area being worked on, make small movements, and discuss your movement patterns. Rolfing is deep work that can be painful if done with intensity and speed.  Erica’s style adapts pace and pressure applied to what you can handle in order to achieve optimal results.

Your first session will flow, as follows:
•  Discuss your health history, status, and goals;
•  Assess your body structure and discuss goals;
•  Experience the bodywork;
•  Analyze your structure after the session; and
•  Discuss how to best sit, stand, and move to integrate the changes.

Recommended Attire
For comfort and ease during your session, please wear any of the following:
•  Women: bra (preferably not racerback) AND underwear.
•  Men: underwear.

Erica offers the Rolf Method of Structural Integration every Friday (12pm-7pm) and every other Thursday (11am-6pm) at the Den.

As a Certified Practitioner of the Rolf Structural Integration, Erica can issue receipts for insurance reimbursement. Please note that not all benefit providers reimburse for her service or RMQ registration. Please check with your benefit provider to confirm coverage.

Please review our Registration, Cancellation, Payment & Refund page before making any purchase. Policies are subject to change without notice, and all will be enforced. Thank you.

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All fees are subject to HST.

  • 90 minutes: $150 + HST

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Please contact the Den directly at 905-844-5055 or send us an email to book your appointment for this service.