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Tea Leaf Reading

Special Announcement: Sarah is leaving Akasha's Den at the end of October to continue her life adventures in the beautiful area of Owen Sound. We are very grateful that Sarah has been such a longstanding member of our Den family, sharing her gifts and expertise so generously. Sarah, we will miss you, and wish you every success going forward. Please visit us often!

Also known as tasseography or tasseomancy, tea leaf reading is a time-honoured divination (Divine) tool that safely provides understanding into virtually all areas of life. Like other divination tools, (such as oracle cards, pendulums, or reading Greek or Turkish coffee grounds), tea leaf readings offer insight and reveal possible future outcomes to questions asked. And like working with the Law of Attraction principle, you always receive what you need, when you need it, in the way you are meant to receive it.

During a reading, images are formed by tea leaves left in a cup after you finish drinking your tea. Sarah carefully drains the cup of excess liquid and  analyzes the meanings of  the remaining leaves.  These images carry important information regarding a question you are asking and, together, comprise a complete answer. Images can be literal, symbolic, or both and can, therefore, carry multiple meanings. For instance, a broom can indicate cleaning an actual space (such as a house), or a time of change ('a new broom sweeps clean'). Trees can indicate good fortune or prosperity due to their constant growth and green colour ('the colour of money'). Rabbits can indicate new growth, such as a pregnancy or birth of a new idea or a creative project. A book may represent your love of books or signify a new chapter in your life. In addition, image placements in the cup offer an approximate timeframe of when the implied events are likely to occur.

As with other divination tools, Sarah firmly believes all guidance comes from the greatest source, (Divine, Universe, Source, God, Goddess, Love, or whatever name with which you are comfortable), and it is important to trust it.

Tea Leaf Reading, when approached with a healthy level of understanding and respect for the process, is a safe, fun, and accurate way to gain insight and understanding into our lives.

Tea Leaf & Psychic Reading

In addition to the tea leaf reading described above, Sarah receives wide and varied information in many ways during a psychic reading, including:

  • Images (clairvoyance)
  • Thoughts/ words / phrases (clairaudience)
  • Feelings from the client (clairempathy)
  • Feelings from Spirit (clairscentience)
  • Taste (clairgustance)
  • Smell (clairsent).

Sometimes readings include mediumship in which departed loved ones communicate. Other times, a reading might focus upon your current life issues, offering understanding, insight, resolution, healing, and personal growth. And as with tea leaf readings, images received psychically can be literal or symbolic; messages comes from the greatest source; and information relayed is what is needed at that time for your greatest benefit and highest good.

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  • Tea Leaf Reading: 30 minutes - $45
  • Tea Leaf and Psychic Reading: 60 minutes - $85
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